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Title Genre Creator File Staff (?) Warn (?)
Beasts of Fire 2d Shooter White Mist Games EXE N/A
Beyond the Boundaries 2d Shooter Minimidge EXE N/A
Big Bang Blast 2d Shooter White Mist Games EXE N/A
Bio Survival 2d Shooter Sallowf EXE N/A
BirdShooter 2d Shooter KTX EXE N/A
Black Log 2d Shooter Havok EXE N/A
Blackest Waves 2d Shooter Skullboyalex EXE N/A
Blambler 2d Shooter Dave EXE N/A
Blobby's Quest 2d Shooter Ryan Goughary EXE N/A
blodyintroduction 2d Shooter gamemaster9 GM6 N/A
Bloody Gore - Attack of the Colognes 2d Shooter Sean Flannigan EXE N/A
Bobanoid 2d Shooter Beezus EXE N/A
Boring Man 1 - Remastered Edition 2d Shooter Coyote EXE N/A
Boring Man 2 - The Revenge of The Man 2d Shooter Coyote EXE N/A
Boring Man 4 - The Toilet Seat of Misery 2d Shooter Coyote EXE N/A
Boring Man 5 2d Shooter Coyote EXE N/A
brainTooth 2d Shooter jph wacheski EXE N/A
Bunny Bashin' keyboard controls 2d Shooter arikispencer EXE N/A
Candy Land 2d Shooter Brandin Titanich EXE N/A
Chaos Ray 2d Shooter Phoenix EXE N/A
Chicken Shoot Out 2d Shooter Dorfirrion Studios EXE N/A
Ciel Gris 2d Shooter Salim EXE 6.0
CITY 2d Shooter Bob EXE N/A
City Damage 2d Shooter Tijn Kersjes EXE N/A
Clean Asia! 2d Shooter cactus EXE N/A
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