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Title Genre Creator File Staff (?) Warn (?)
Ice Martians Platform Action Richie Brown EXE 4.5
Illegal Communication Platform Action cactus EXE 6.7
isovaders Arcade Mu6502 EXE 4.5
Johnny's Nightmare Platform Action clysm (tapeworm) EXE 7.0
Jumper Three Platform Action YoMamasMama EXE 8.0
Kylšt Platform Adventure Sampe EXE 6.7
Lilium Platform Adventure STARFOXROX EXE 6.7
Lizardmen Platform Action Darkleo EXE 6.3
MicroPacifist Platform Action QOG EXE 6.0
Minubeat 2d Shooter cactus EXE 7.0
Mr. Kitty's Quest Overhead Action pgil EXE 8.3
Note Ride Other block0man EXE 6.0
Painajainen Platform Adventure Virtanen EXE 7.4
Passifism Platform Action Carefree Games EXE 7.0
Paulson Jallock Non-Game Program Twinsoul EXE 6.0
Pixiquarium 2 Other Dex (Chris Royer) EXE 6.0
Pro Killer Man Platform Action Jan Willem Nijman EXE 7.0
PUNISHMENT: THE PUNISHING Platform Action messhof EXE 6.3
Radiance 2d Shooter Zephiel87 EXE 6.5
Rainbow Sugar Go! Platform Adventure masterfulcat EXE 6.0
Random Land Platform Adventure Lazrael EXE 6.5
Rat Cave Overhead Action JTR (Alias Jack Swift) EXE 7.0
RDX - Rectangular Demolition eXplosive Puzzle Blaat and Robert Geers EXE 6.0
Return to Sector 9 Arcade Pug Fugly Games EXE 9.5
SHOOT Deluxe 2d Shooter Erik Leppen EXE 6.5
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