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Title Genre Creator File Staff (?) Warn (?)
The surreal apple II Platform Adventure benerhos EXE N/A
Vondygame Overhead Action Boon EXE N/A
POW!L Platform Action Boon EXE N/A
Knux Hæma 2 Other Taksteinfloyd EXE N/A
Alone Platform Adventure Noah Rivera EXE N/A
Jumpy and Speedy Platform Adventure Grate Oracle Lewot EXE N/A
Just a game Platform Action MMM GMK N/A
Dead Derby 98 Arcade Mu6502 EXE N/A
All in vain 1 Arcade MMM52689 GMK N/A
Press Space Arcade Akmal Irfan EXE N/A
Co-Op Arcade Tom Grochowiak EXE N/A
Don't Judge a Building by its Facade Platform Action Akmal Irfan EXE N/A
Runes of Chaos Overhead Action Eli Patsiornik EXE N/A
Descent Platform Action Andrew Moran EXE N/A
Pacman Revenge Arcade Arie Hofland EXE N/A
Blob Story Arcade Ben Tibbetts EXE N/A
Bobby The Axman Arcade 2xDGames EXE N/A
2xDGames Downloader Platform Action 2xDGames EXE N/A
SENSORIA. 2d Shooter ForceDevice EXE N/A
Puppets 2d Shooter Corey Dunn GMD N/A
Nenzall 3 (gamepad/joystick support!) Platform Action Fredrik Pihlgren / RelicPlay EXE N/A
Starblaze Confront Arcade Fredrik Pihlgren EXE N/A
Bobby The Santa Arcade 2xDGames EXE N/A
Finding Someon Platform Adventure Play James Games EXE N/A
Delta Space 2d Shooter Coyote EXE N/A
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