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Game Maker Games - Gythol Granditti : The Crypt of Darkness
Gythol Granditti : The Crypt of Darkness by Jesse Ceranowicz
From the developers of "Downtown in Crazy Town" and the Infiltrator series, GZ Storm, formerly GZ Soft, comes the light-hearted RPG "Gythol Granditti: The Crypt of Darkness".

The Features include:

-A turn-based, tactical battle system.
-Over forty (40) unique character sprites.
-Dynamic environments.
-Three to five hours of gameplay (estimated).
-Hundreds of lines of dialogue.
-Over a thousand of sprites.
-Original sound, music, graphics, and gameplay.
-Five playable characters, each with their own weapons and attributes.

Set in the town of Tor Borgh, you play as local lout Geoff Dandy, who has tried time and again to join the Town Guardbut to no avail. One morning, Geoff's friend, Dolph Dombardo, stumbles into Geoff's house in a drunken stupor, rambles about traipsing over to the Swamp, then leaves as quick as he came. Only the Swamp is infested with gelatinous cubes with an insatiable craving for flesh! Realizing that Dolph is in peril, Geoff tumbles out of bed, grabs his brittle sword, and sets out to rescue his old friend.

"Gythol Granditti: The Crypt of Darkness" is the first chapter in the Gythol Granditti series.

Download Gythol Granditti : The Crypt of Darkness (EXE, ~9.74 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2010.01.31 user_ferai
Rating: 8

Has a nice bit of depth and some good humor. The interface is good and the graphics are nice as well. Unfortunately it ends by leaving us waiting for the next installment.

Oh, and Mr. Tall Games the "start button" is C, though I'm not sure why it's called that.
2007.09.08 Mr. Tall games
Rating: 9

What the heck is the start button??? Otherwise I like this game.The music got kind of anoyying after a while though. One of the best GM games yet!
2007.07.04 Spector__Killer
Rating: 10

This game is (so far) the best GM game I've ever played! The music is a bit annoying in some parts though. 9.7/10
2007.01.24 serprex
Rating: --

You should lower the memory by zipping the file.
2006.02.19 Mooseyfates
Rating: 7

I like it other than the sprites do not look good enough to be in a game. It would be a 10 otherwise.
2005.08.03 EagloBane
Rating: 8

This is a very cool Rpg. I liked practically everything about it, except the music (which was okay but got annoying after a while.) I'd really like it if you gave me some pointers on things like how to program the game to save the stats, or the battle system and so forth. I've also noticed that if this game were to be Reviewed (and got a good rating) it would get much more publicity. That's probably just me though. Anyway, great game
2005.05.30 hulin
Rating: --

it sounds cool im downloading now and gonna play soon the download taking me 14 min not that long
2005.04.30 flubeca
Rating: 7

It is one of the best adventure games i ever played
*Adds Gythol Graditti to favorite list*
2005.04.07 amos
Rating: --

it sounds really good, but ALMOST 10 megabites - for a gm-made game! oh well
2005.01.01 dontask_37
Rating: 10

This is the best GM RPG game ever. It is worth the long download time!
2004.12.30 Gazzas
Rating: 10

Ok, now when I have played a lot of GM games and have some experiance I can rate this game. I will give it a 10/10, coz this game is very very good. It has good story, nice graphics, and all the things that should be in a good rpg game. I wonder how much time did it take to create this game...
2004.09.16 Deeje the Great
Rating: --

nope. too big.
2004.09.15 Gazzas
Rating: --

WOW !!!! that is AMAZING !!!! I have never played better gm game !!!! Exept music and sound effects everything in this game is perfect. From 10 score I would give 9,3 !!!
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