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Game Maker Games - Crash Bandicoot 2D
Crash Bandicoot 2D by Virtanen
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Review by YoMamasMama

I have some fond memories of the PS1 Bandicoot games. The original three had some great level designs, but after that they went downhill pretty quickly. This fangame attempts to capture the magic of the classic PS1 installments, including collecting gems and beating time trials. It does alot of things right, but could've used some more polish time.


Picture the Crash Bandicoot games. Okay, got it? Now stay with me here - this is where it gets wierd. Now... picture them in 2D! If you've played any of the GBA Crash redos, this won't be hard, though I honestly think this author pulled off the transition to 2D better than the pros did.

Anyways, gameplay isn't without it's bugs. I've decided to rattle them off in list form:
-You can't move horizontally when you get above the view area.
-If you get a checkpoint and die, the screen takes a while to scroll to you after the stage starts, and you can easily die again without knowing why before it reaches you.
-Several times I collided with a wall horizontally at an angle, and was warped downwards to my death.
-Some enemies killed me when I clearly should have hurt them instead.

I'm sure there's more, but you get the point. Despite all this, the game usually remains fun and challenging - in a trial-and-error sort of way - and has some good replay value packed-in with the box gems and time trials.


Most of the art is very well-done, with a consistent style that fits the cartoony universe it portrays. Music and sounds are your standard, bland platformer fare - never really annoying me but never really impressing me either.

Unfortunately, a few mess-ups show the game's seams. There's a couple spelling mistakes around the map, Crash seems to spin too slow to cause any amount of damage when you press ctrl, and it wasn't always clear when bosses could or couldn't be damaged.

I'd still call the game above-average in this department, but there's definitely room for improvement.


Crash Bandicoot retired to Canada, where he raised a family. He broke several bones when the weight of the family he was lifting proved too great. He now resides in a hospital, the name and location of which are neither important nor relevant.

You went on to either download this game or not, depending on whether or not you enjoy the Crash Bandicoot series.

Download Crash Bandicoot 2D (EXE, ~1.68 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.03.28 Etsamaru
Rating: --

How come your always top downloaded.
2006.12.11 Dr.Mario
Rating: 7

It's a fun game and the graphics are cool, but you might want to consider making a more intristing story for the beginning.
2006.09.25 zon3r
Rating: 7

nice platformer with fun levels and excellent controls. but too hard. the second level with the stupid spinning saws is way too difficult to be the second level. sure, I got past, but with people like my Crash-obsessed bro who would love this, it ain't fair.
2006.08.03 Keysle_Sorm
Rating: --

2006.07.10 Trebek
Rating: 6

This game is nice, but there are a few things amiss. The controls are quirky are not intuitive. The sound effects are abrupt and not consistant with the tone or volume of the background music. The enemies are no challenge, but maximum jumping is used far too much, creating a repetetive feel before the end of the second level. You are not notifed at all when you get a gem; it's just there, at the bottom of the screen. If you don't get it, you're stuck wondering if you actually missed a box, or it was just a glitch.

The graphics are well done, though.
2006.03.31 fedorsinev
Rating: 10

I love crash games! i wish they made some for PSP
2006.03.27 txzam
Rating: --

i havent gotten to play it the link is broken
2006.03.07 HCS0001
Rating: --

Great Platformer! It has a couple of bugs here and there, but it is good nontheless. The difficulty is much harder than the real Crash games.
2006.01.06 fedor sinev
Rating: --

the game is awesome I say that because well theres a crash for a PS1 and ive played oh I forgot to say I also got a PS1,PS2 and a PSP so I recommend that you play it if you have any of those systems
2005.12.25 ImSneaky
Rating: 9

This game is okay, the graphics are nice, the music fits well, but when you get the thingamajig that makes you invincible, I can't concentrate that well. That's my only complaint, otherwise a very excellent. P.S. If you let a TNT go off, if your feet just touch the last animation job of the sprite, you would still get burned. I said it, and I'll say it again. Very excellent game.
2005.08.08 gameguider
Rating: 8

Its a good game but the movements are slow
2005.08.05 Tinker Magoo
Rating: 8

This was a well designed game.
2005.07.03 SuperDylan01
Rating: --

Could you make an editable version, please?
2005.07.03 SuperDylan01
Rating: 8

Cool game, but I can't get past the second level!
2005.07.03 SuperDylan01
Rating: --

Ok, now I've gotten pasted it. But, please make an editable version, so not just one Crash clone, please?!?
2005.06.24 Z-Games
Rating: 10

Excellent game! I like a lot the Crash Bandicoot games, their my favorite (after kirby of course)
The graphics are great
A little slow
Crash is like a youth Crash.
Im in the level 12 'Hog Wild' of Crash Bandicoot1
(Did you played Crash Bandicoot the wrath of Cortex)
2005.06.12 gamefanatic
Rating: 10

This is a game that is worth playing.
2005.06.09 musicmansg90
Rating: 9

I only played a short amount of this game, but the graphics, level of detail, and presentation are SUPERB!!! If you had made this game back in the mid-nineties I'm sure it could have been transferred to the SNES, Sega Genesis, etc. These are the type of games I like to see made from Game Maker.
2005.06.02 SuperSonic909
Rating: 9

Pretty awesome game.I loved the Crash PS1 games and this game is alot like it.I loved the graphics,the gameplay was spot-on exept for the jumping (at some points the jumping was difficult),theres tons of levels,each one uniqe,its really fun,but i wish there was WAY MORE crash bandicoot sounds though.Definintly worth the download and your playing time.theres also not many bugs.:)
2005.05.28 hb2
Rating: 10

It's a greta game but it was anoying that the screen needs to move towards you when you are in a checkpoint. sometimes you die :( but next to that this is the best gm platformer i have ever played. it's n top of my list together with seiklus
2005.05.24 Dr_baconman
Rating: 9

Geheiv! That was amazing! Although I have never played any of the Crash games, this game was still great. Just Iron out the bugs, and include some details in the help file for non-Crash-players like me. For example, I had no idea what that guy with the feathery head was for. He just flew around me all the time, and disappeared once when I hit an enemy. And he disappeared whenever I died. How odd.
2005.05.23 dabski
Rating: 9

Totaly awsome I hate most games that are rip-off of others but this game bring back the good memories of the old platfromers that involve timming and good judgment calls 9!
2005.05.23 rave-craft
Rating: 8

Very nice. It's abit like sonic the hedgehog when you die.... And like mario when you jump... It's speed its good, if it was faster, it would be to hard...but, yeah this is a good game... Would you want to join my gm company? Cus us lot arnt good at the actual game making.... -.-
2005.05.09 sonicrash
Rating: 10

great game! best game i've played!
2005.02.15 the_coronel_rez
Rating: 7

the jumping is off but the graphics are good but then again i can do graphics good too.
2004.12.23 GisleAune
Rating: 10

2004.12.14 FireGrant
Rating: 10

Great job! I love the crash bandicoot series, but ive never seen anything like this! I think this would be a perfect 'GBA' style for crash bandicoot. (Graphics are awesome too) -One of the best games ive seen in a while
2004.11.05 beastboy
Rating: 10

Wow! I never thought someone would bring this game out of the PSX! I really love Crash Games, and I appreciate the creator for honoring Crash. I'd rate it 11/10 if I can, but 10 is max. I only have one problem - the Timed Mode is very hard. I'd appreciate it if the creator would make this mode easier. Two Thumbs Up for Crash Bandicoot 2D!!!
2004.10.27 Orionzero
Rating: 10

The 2nd best game in the archive!! I love it!

Great work.
2004.09.20 vakamadisk
Rating: 10

I really liked this game.That was one of the best gm platformers i've ever played.
2004.09.15 Nizze
Rating: 9

Its an awersome game! Graphics are best!
2004.09.14 Razor
Rating: --

This game is pretty buggy, and the movement is a bit slow.
But the graphics are great!
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