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Game Maker Games - Monster Frenzy
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Review by Mocha Man
Monster Frenzy provides long hours of arcade action in which a stranded alien must collect falling fruit and drop it to the corresponding monster below to feed. When the hunger meter drops to the bottom, it's a game over after the hungry monsters throw him into the lagoon in which they reside.

This game brings your screen to life with fluid animation and movement for just about everything visible. Each element interacts seamlessly with the others, and no detail is forgotten. The amount of polish in this game is a rarity among game maker games, and I really don't have much else to say about it. Everything is crisp, neat, and definitely inspiring to new programmers.


Monster Frenzy is visually stunning. Everything animates. Every detail has been thought of. There are fish and seaweed in the water, silhouettes of birds flying over the horizon, weather changes, water effects, monsters' eyes moving... the character even has cartoony dreams that you get to watch as he sleeps. This game is a work of art that gives people a reason to choose 2D games over 3D. Case closed.


A giant array of cartoony sounds, ambience, and gui frills makes this game a pleasure to listen to. Every one has finely tuned volume to blend with the others as needed. The ambient noises even change with the time of day, as do the graphics. Frantic music adds great comical flavor to the playing environment, although it does get annoying. The programmer has it turn off during the game's dream sequences to add more of a silent nighttime feeling, but nobody would complain if there was an option to turn it off all the time. Despite this small blemish, the sound in Monster Frenzy is amazing in its character and addition to the mood of the game.


Replay Value
It is quite difficult to stop playing this game when every screenshot looks like a painting and the audio sounds like a Warner Brothers cartoon, and when there are no annoyances in the gameplay or presentation that keep you from wanting to play again. Even with all its resources it uses, the game doesn't take long to load. A masterpiece. Unfortunately, the gameplay doesn't change much ever, and gets monotonous after awhile, so it isn't a game to play nonstop. However, after getting bored and eventually quitting, I can always come back the next day and it seems fresh and amazing once more. High replay value with a little moderation.


Highs: Overwhelming amount of polish, frills, and attention to detail present in gameplay, graphics, and sound.
Lows: Needs music off option, sometimes monotonous gameplay

Download Monster Frenzy (EXE, ~2.6 MB , Suitable for everyone )

Launch Sandor Fekete (Taurus Media)'s Website

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Opinions about Monster Frenzy

Overall: indifferent

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.02.27 jordan_ssm
Rating: --

Haha like this one, try out my game called journey to hell...
2006.12.08 rabid squirrel
Rating: --

Use this link to download!

If a mod could change the download link of this game that would be great
2006.12.07 rabid squirrel
Rating: --

The link is broken - why does this happen so much? Grrr...
2006.04.22 Lava
Rating: 2

I don't know how this one got a good staff score,It suck's*Sigh*This is good for youngter's atleast.
2006.02.14 mulliganmaster
Rating: 9

Real nice game. I especially like the idea that it is simple enough for most ages... Thanks!
2005.06.10 toyyoda2
Rating: 8

I'll admit, before i tried it I thought it would be bad, but so far the staff rating has never let me down. after playing this game, i have decided that it is definitely very good. Download just to try it, and you'll probably end up keeping it. very addicting and polished. good job.
2005.05.28 Knux91
Rating: --

'I hate this game. it sucks balls and i don't like it. I haven't even played it yet and it sucks already. poop.'

2005.03.17 stevenup7002
Rating: 10

This game, I wouldn't call it platformer, I'd call it strategy but anyway:
graphics: 10/10
music: 10/10
frustartion: 0/10
2005.01.03 lostoverthere
Rating: 7

Another great gamemaker game.This game is special in that everything looks and feels like it was meant to be.The graphics are nice ,clear and special.The sound effects and good.If the year was 1994 Taurus media would be very rich.Graphics:10/10,Sound:8/10,music:7/10,gameplay 7/10.
2004.11.14 Black_Wind
Rating: 7

Seriously addicting. I wanted to stop after day 3 but I just kept playing until day 8. At that point I realized that it would probably be like that for the rest of the days so I decided to stop.
2004.09.10 Feet First
Rating: 7

The Graphics are great and it's a very original concept. But it starts to get boring by about day 9 so I stopped playing.
2004.09.03 garybusy
Rating: 1

I hate this game. it sucks balls and i don't like it. I haven't even played it yet and it sucks already. poop.
2004.03.31 Axle the Beast
Rating: --

Somehow edicting. Its awesome!

Graphics 10/10
Sounds 10/10
Gameplay 10/10

You HAVE to play this!
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