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Game Maker Games - Knights Tournament Total Pack
Knights Tournament Total Pack by Vlad Stoiculescu (Kro$$fire)
This pack contains the two original Knights Tournament games (Battle Shaft and Battle Furry). Pretty unoriginal as a story, not so bad combat games. Try them on, because the trilogy will soon be completed. Join us in a realm of magic.(Yeah right !).
Release years : 2002-2003

Download Knights Tournament Total Pack (EXE, ~3.7 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.01.15 krossfire
Rating: --

Actually, I got more respect for my 3D work in other places. (Mainly for my 3D RTS engine and for the original DeMenTion environment creator).

I made a quick comeback on the forum to make a proposal. I'll only be spinning around for about 3 days, so check out the idea.

This game represented ''my beginnings''
2006.12.30 Darthmarshie
Rating: --

Oh great well done guys you made him stop using GM (lol)...so I didn't download it cos of what the other people said, words are powerful
2006.08.17 krossfire
Rating: --

Actually I was a GM pioneer since I have files dated as far as 2002 as proof. The problem with most of the games here is that they are old tests or so which I prefered to keep and update (simply translated into the newest GM) without actually caring for gameplay.

I'm retired, yet I mind being disconsidered as a whole by those who have no right of doing so.

I don't intend on returning to the Game Maker 'career' although my GM days (3 years actually) have been particullary nice ;)
2006.06.24 virus616
Rating: --

Dude, I hate to say it but there's no way in fiery hell you would have been a GM 'pioneer' back in the day. You overate your games, which comes as a let down when one plays them, and they need more polish. You could become a good gamemaker one day if you sat down and focused on one game instead of releasing a horde of crap.
2006.06.15 krossfire
Rating: --

Well some credit for the idea at least...going back through the whole thing...I kind of tend to agree to this :)

I won't go into this since I've passed through these pages while ongoing my college preparation. Weirdly, I don't feel the desire to make games anymore, although I had lots of projects on role. This is why I'm considered to be retired since 2005, and this is why you won't receive any more krossfire material to comment upon.
2006.05.06 Maderick
Rating: 1

it was a waste of fricken time
and a waste of mb, don't download it,
its terrible
2005.01.05 krossfire
Rating: 9

Old games are old games..if I knew about GMG earlier , I would have been a pioneer...
2004.12.19 Feet First
Rating: 4

I do not like this game on account it is really not fun so I didn't like it.
2004.12.15 krossfire
Rating: --

How come ? It works fine for me...Weird, mail-me.
2004.12.14 FireGrant
Rating: --

It wont let me download it hurry up and fix it im anxious to play!
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