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Game Maker Games - Plasma Twins Strike Again
Plasma Twins Strike Again by Red Glyph

Download Plasma Twins Strike Again (EXE, ~2.5 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2005.11.20 blah
Rating: --

Why did Effeser (they called themselves Red Glyph for this) have to go! I always wanted on Sonic Zone 2!
2005.06.24 Z-Games
Rating: 10

Excellent game, good challenges and hard bosses
(I only fought the first and second boss)
PT strike again get a big 10
2005.06.09 musicmansg90
Rating: 10

From the moment I began the first level (sunny hills 1), my jaw dropped at the fact that this was made with Game Maker, especially considering it was before versions 5.x or 6.x. At first I thought it had been a direct copy from a SNES game, or maybe some game from the early nineties. The graphics, detail, number of levels, and controls are FANTASTIC!!!!! While I must say it is a very difficult game, a little challenge is good every now and then. I think this game would have been suitable for console release- A MUST SEE!!!!!!!!!
2005.02.05 ImSneaky
Rating: 10

Your right the game is good but they're really easy to beat I have to agree with one thing from Zaron after like the tenth try of a puzzle it can grow old but the game is good overall you get a 10.
2004.07.03 Dr_Baconman
Rating: --

Grr.... Gaaahhh.... I can't believe YOU of all Game Makers would make the first world so hard! If you do that, where's the challenge going to go in the later levels!?! It's supposed to be difficult to BEAT the game, not difficult to figure out every single control! ...guuu.... Ian won't like this...
2004.03.22 Zaron
Rating: --

PT Strike Again isn't a bad game, but it has some points that make it very annoying.

Certain jumps in the game are ridiculously hard to make, for starters, and certain puzzles can grow old after the tenth try for younger players.

I don't think much in the word of music is original, seeing how an entire section of the game is backed by music from Sonic 3 and Sonic CD, but that chosen goes well with the settings you find yourself in.

The game's challenge sometimes makes it less fun than it could be, but some people view challenge as a plus, so thhey should be all over it.

The graphics are really good, though the feet of the main characters hint that they're edits on the Mega Man sprite of old. The whole game gives an SNES feel, and has very few bugs, so it's also pretty proffesional.

Overall, an OK game, but time consuming. A second playable character is unlockable, and the whole thing is put together very well. One of the better GM games.

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