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Game Maker Games - G-Magik 2005 - Dumb Soccer Cup
G-Magik 2005 - Dumb Soccer Cup by Vlad Stoiculescu (Kro$$fire)
Warning : Not intended for 12 year olds and intelectuals.

I brought crap to a new dimension. The addictive "crap" dimension. Please read the in-game help first.

Description : It's the year 2005. The humanity got dumber and dumber over the years. The "king sport" has now become a gathering of cretionoids. This game was created in a couple of hours, three to be specific. It can contain extreme stupidity, gore and why not, addictiveness.

Author : Vlad Stoiculescu aka Kro$$fire
Producer : Mutant Bunny Software
Size : 1.6 Mb

This is an executable, not an archive. The size difference was imperceptable.

Download G-Magik 2005 - Dumb Soccer Cup (EXE, ~1.6 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.06.28 krossfire
Rating: --

Hehe...haven't passed through here in years.

Idiocracy ? Are you that stupid or are you simply a talented actor ? The game was made at the end of 2004 while Idiocracy came out in 2006 you moron.
2008.04.26 Ouchy1
Rating: 3

There's not much to it, and the storyline you wrote is half-stolen from the movie Idiocracy...
2006.06.07 Krudmunch Productions
Rating: 3

It would be a lot better if it had better graphics
2005.01.18 krossfire
Rating: 9

Since this game was the follow up to a really crappy game, I'll rate this one with a nine because I'm so simply a jerk when it comes to my games, bad or not.

P.S : What do you mean 'it doesn't work properly' ?
Have you even tried the crap, err..game ?
2005.01.17 Pug Fugly
Rating: 2

This game is total rubbish.

I'm really fed up of people saying 'It only took me 3 hours to make this'. Well, it shows. It doesn't even work properly.

Addictive? About as addictive as hammering nails into your own eyes...
2005.01.03 krossfire
Rating: 7

Don't worry if the file comes out like gm3.gm6, GM3 comes from Gogu Magik 3, because this is the third isntallment of the Soccer game, although not linked with the others.

Other Archive Marks : 7
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