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Game Maker Games - BurgerTimes
BurgerTimes by Magnus Christensen
Burgertimes is a clone of "Burgertime" for the Mattel Intellivision Game System. There are some minor and a couple of big changes that the orginal version doesn't have. Some of the major ones you will notice are the ability to play two players at the same time - at the same computer or over the Internet. There is also 43 more levels, (+7 new levels in a new game mode). In BurgerTimes you are a chef trying to make hamburgers. There is just one problem - The food is trying to make hamburger out of you. Try to learn how the different bad guys move. The game is much more fun when you know how to trick them.

Download BurgerTimes (EXE, ~1.1 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.07.13 Magnus Christensen
Rating: --

Fixed a network bug some time ago, but forgot to change the URL here. It should be the right URL now. (version 1.01)
2006.06.12 Mooseyfates
Rating: 10

AMAZING! 10/10 replay value! It is an incredible game.
2006.05.12 Re_jex
Rating: --

Nice, very nice.. cool graphics
2005.07.10 kirbycook222
Rating: 10

This is an awesome clone of the original.
2005.02.15 katez
Rating: 8

MEGADUDE: i have this game on a 71 games in 1 cartrage and its very similar :}
2005.02.08 xavier
Rating: 10

Stupendous! Wow, this brings back old memories, and the additions are superb! The graphics and music are just like the original game, and good job adding your own touch. I love playing 2-player! Wow... such an old game is still fun.
2005.02.07 Magnus Christensen
Rating: --

Game resolution is 1024 x 768.
So donīt download it if you know you canīt play it..

I don’t know the requirements for Internet play. I first tested the game with two friends and it worked fine, so I released it.
Then I tested it with two other people...and it didn’t work well at all..
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