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Game Maker Games - Lagrange
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Review by darthlupi
Game Description
Lagrange is a game where you and a friend battle it out with space turrets. You have to gauge your attack's power and direction, and you have to use the gravitational pull of the planets on the battlefield to get your volleys to hit the enemy.You can play over the internet, a LAN, or two people on one PC.

Game Mechanics
In order to destroy your opponent, you need to have an understanding of the surrounding planets' gravitational effects upon your projectiles. If you want to hit an opponent that is only vunerable from behind, you need to fire at the planet, and use its pull to slingshot your projectile into the enemy. Very nice physics in this game give a nice spin on the classic Scorched Earth type gameplay.You control the rotation of the turret, the power of the shot (makes it go faster), and the firing with the keyboard.

My thoughts
This is great game for two players to test each other's skills with. The amount of work that went into the options and gameplay make this game a winner.

The graphics were a little bit bland, but they serve the purpose of the game quite well. I love seeing a game with a simple concept pulled off in such a fun way.

From the author's site:
"Multiplayer game for 1 or 2 computers. Winner of the 2002 Game Maker Competition, multiplayer game category."

Download Lagrange (EXE, ~0.6 MB , Suitable for everyone )

Launch Patrick Gaston's Website

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Comments (Add your own):
2005.02.25 DrLuigi777
Rating: 9

Cool game. I think this must've had a lot of programming with the gravity planet things.
2004.03.18 kafeithekeaton
Rating: 9

I gave this game a 9/10. Why? It is online, fun, has target practice, if youve ever seen the GMD it took a WHOLE lot of coding, and is fun. THe only reason it is not a ten, is because it lacks Human on Computer(or at least when I got it a while back ago).
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