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Game Maker Games - Sheep!
Sheep! by Geoffrey Gex

a platform game in which you are a sheep and you try to stop the moon from taking over the world!!! my first game but not really that bad besides the sometimes annoying music/sounds and the unoriginal sprite. looks pretty good, about 10 levels, pretty short really, hope you enjoy!

the story is that you are sheep number 21, and no body pays attention to you, when the moon takes over makeing it forever night it is up to you to save the day... or uh night. Stop the moon and make it day again!

Download Sheep! (EXE, ~4.2 MB )

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2006.05.25 Re_jex
Rating: --

sweet! someone left a comment! Thanks Squeaky! I am actually planning on a sheep 2... it will be much better, with better stuff all around.
2006.04.12 SqueakyReaper
Rating: 5

Re_jex , you have a very delightful game on your hand. Okay choice of music, by try making your own sometime. The level design is kind of predictable, so that does demolish the value. Good first game, however. I never thought sheep would take over the world!
2005.12.01 Re_jex
Rating: --

Yes! someone actually commented! I would probably give myself about the same rateing.. 4-5 it was my first game after all....
2005.05.01 Kua
Rating: 4

Sheep is a very funny game! The story made me laugh for a long time...

Sheep is a little cool the first time I played it, but after a couple of minutes, I was really bored... I'm sorry, but the game is just not very well written.

The music is a pluss to the game, but the sound effects are few. And the graphics is really not that bad. Cool menu!

I give it a 4
2005.04.17 Re_jex
Rating: --

thanks for the review. this is my, reletivly first game so it is not the best. A for the sheep everywhere and such, read the help. (F1) they are ammunition to fight the boss at the end.
2005.03.17 therabidwombat
Rating: 5

As far as graphics go, this game isn't bad, but I wouldn't call it great, either. The menu sprites are word art from Microsoft Word, and the in game sprites didn't seem to have any animation. The music was mostly good; I especially liked it on the cloud level, although I couldn't beat that level. And as such, I never got very far. The gameplay was not innovative enough for me to keep going; it was a sheep that walked and jumped. There was promise, for sure, of things to come - there were somewhat new physics when you were inside the clouds - but it just wasn't enticing enough for me.

Regardless, this game wasn't bad for what I saw, and if I had gone a different direction, I may have continued playing. Also, Im' not sure...were the sheep all over the place supposed to be one ups, or were you supposed to collect them? If they were supposed to be one ups, this game was far too easy in the sense that the player would never game over.

Anyways, a nice try, it had potential, it just needed more flavour.
2005.03.13 jakesgames
Rating: 4

Its ok, to slow, needs to open in a window, full screen mode slows it down.
2005.03.12 Re_jex
Rating: --

This is exacly the same as the game sheep (no ! mark) but has a screen shot, since I couldn't modify it I just re-entered it
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