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Game Maker Games - Big Bubble
Big Bubble by z4000
BIg Bubble is a fun and addictive game. You are a bubble who must get big by eating other bubbles. But if you try to eat a bubble that is bigger than you, you get eaten. Try to make it through water, sky and space in 8 fun levels, each one harder than the last. The main game is the "Level Mode," (so don't rate the game on the other modes!).

Download Big Bubble (EXE, ~1.14 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.01.19 The Lobster
Rating: --

Sounds a lot like Jelly Blobs of Doom from Neopts. Is that where you got the idea? ^^
2007.08.29 DgN
Rating: 10

You have created the most addictive game I have ever played. Just a suggestion:Make the enemy bubble size related to your size. I got bigger than all the other bubbles in survival mode and my screen was completely covered in my bubble.
2006.03.20 z4000
Rating: --

I have no clue what you are talking about with the year stuff. I will also not tell you how to make a game because this 'chat' is soposed to be about the game Big Bubble not how to amke a game.
2006.02.01 NiCk HoMa GrOwN
Rating: --

what year r u in poooopsddddddddddddd hey in yur web page say u updated in 17 or 06?now is only january how can u updated so fast
2006.01.31 NiCk HoMa GrOwN
Rating: --

anyway im the guy who edit games im just a noobie and i will try your game.I dont really know how to make a game since you r member so long any tips of making game?
2005.09.16 z4000
Rating: --

I have made more games and there on my website. I have only put big bubble on this site cause i wanted to see how people liked it. I might put more on here though.
2005.09.11 SATAN
Rating: 9

Cool game. Really fun. Its challenging, yet addictive. Do you plan on making more games in the future? Do you have a website? Thanks
2005.09.11 SATAN
Rating: --

Sorry about the stupid question. I didnt see the link.
2005.08.13 gameguider
Rating: 8

Probably the hardest game Ive played but also the most addicting! Try making the first levels a bit easier
2005.08.13 z4000
Rating: --

Thanks for the rating. This is the first game i put on the site. Everything is random so just keep trying.
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