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Game Maker Games - Destroyermech
 Destroyermech by Oddwarg
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Review by tapeworm
In Destroyermech, you control an armed mechanical walker. More specifically, you control its weapons. Unlike most scrolling shooters, you actually don't control the movement at all. You use the mouse to aim and fire your guns to protect the mech as it walks along its path.

Most of the enemies you encounter fly in formations and attempt to ram you. Since you can't dodge, you need to be quick and accurate with your weapons. The action can become pretty furious at times, especially on the normal or hard levels, but you have a lot of firepower.

One of the most notable things about this game is the design of the mech. It has many different moving parts, and I found myself watching it move at times when I should have been paying closer attention to the incoming enemies. The graphics in general have some rough edges but also a lot of variety and suit the game well. I think some of them are ripped from the game Descent. The overall impression they give is often better than individual background details. Sound is also well done, from the incessant plodding feet to the different weaponry. I think there was some music in there somewhere, too.

If you're looking for a different kind of shooter that is simple but still manages to be varied and interesting, try this one. And here's a hint: don't turn the game off immediately when you beat the last boss.

Download Destroyermech (EXE, ~6.0 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Opinions about Destroyermech

Overall: recommended

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.09.26 AFROMAN
Rating: 10

Ah! Ah! Awesome! I love it! The end is awesome!
2008.05.19 Troutmonkey
Rating: 7

Great game, with some nice and some bad graphics, but the sounds/music were great. Very simple and great fun albiet the game can be a bit unfair with some enemies coming out from behind walls you cannot shoot through. The interactivity during the boss fights (shoot the up/down blocks) was uneeded and useless. The final lvl (or what I presume to be- I couldn't beat it) has you floating around and moving in the opposite direction of which you fire. It's pretty cool physics wise but makes it very difficult as I kept getting backed into a corner and had no choice but to keep firing.

On the whole- very good game, just beef up the graphics and presentation a little and it would be 9!
2008.05.18 Rabidbolweevil
Rating: 8

It's not a polished game, but it's simple and sweet. I like it. Also, props for the mech animation.
2008.05.13 Globalshock
Rating: 7

Mech was a bit slow, and the graphics didn't always fit together nicely. The gameplay got alittle frustrating and repetitive, but everything else was fine with me.
2008.05.12 HamHacker
Rating: 7

Sweet. Nice graphics. gameplay is good.
2008.05.06 CeC
Rating: 8

It's very well done and very funny.
2008.05.06 moran
Rating: 8

nice. rail shooter meets creative platformer. simple, yet fun.
2006.06.10 Absolute Zer0
Rating: 9

Wow! This game is much better than it sounds. The graphics are amazing, even though most of them are stolen from Descent. It has a somewhat large file size, but it is worth it!
Graphics: 10
Gameplay: 9
Replay: 8
Overall: 9
2005.10.08 Strange Studios
Rating: 8

It's a good game, but I do wish it had an actual storyline. It's kind of pointless as it is, but it's still very fun. Also, one more thing, just a little thing, it might be nice if the mouse was a crosshair or something like that.
2005.09.18 sircyrus
Rating: 8

Though the concept may seem a bit daunting (Imagine Asteroids but not being able to move? Insanity!) but is executed very well. At first I was frustrated that my Mech took so long to walk up a single ramp, but shortly afterwards the fast-paced action kicked in. The graphics and animation were smooth, and the gameplay itself was pure fun. There was also new enemies, weapons etc that kept you satisfied. It also had some nice statistics on the HUD, things like accuracy, which I thought was pretty neat. I'd recommend this game to anyone who enjoys shoot 'em ups.
2005.09.11 Exile
Rating: 1

I surpose it's quite good. but there are several things I would like to make clear;
Good Graphics,
Slow Mech,
Easy Bosses,
Bad Interactivity,
A Dead Bore Game.
2005.09.09 Joewoof
Rating: 7

Brilliant concept. Simple yet incredibly satisfying gameplay. There's nothing quite like controlling a mech smashing through masses of robotic enemies with its double gatling guns. Reminds you of that breathtaking war scene from the movie, 'The Matrix: Revolution'.

Unfortunately, the menus and interface are very amateurish and need polish. The pacing of action can also be improved in some areas, given the slow movement of the mech. Regardless, this is a a very fun game worth playing.
2005.09.09 mysour
Rating: 9

I beat it twice in a row without dieing once. You might want to make a sequel if you could, please?
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