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Game Maker Games - The Gods Choise
The Gods Choise by Siege Delux
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Review by darthlupi
Game Description
You are the hand of god. This particular god has a thing against chickens. For some odd reason he has decided to create "bombs" to drop on the heads of the unbelieving chickens.

Game Mechanics
All you do is aim your god hand with the mouse and press the E key to rain death down on the heads of the chickens.

My Thoughts
There wasn't much work put into making this game. In order to win, you just have to position your hand in the right place and press E as much as you desire. There are few sound effects, and even fewer reasons to play.

Creator's Info
A game where you mudt drop bombs (press E to drop) on chickens in order to kill them. You die when 5 chickens reach the barn. Blood will spill!

Download The Gods Choise (EXE, ~1.0 MB , Content warning )

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Opinions about The Gods Choise

Overall: indifferent

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.08.25 V4zCeNt
Rating: 10

Pure crap, why did I rate it a 10 you ask? Because that is the only number I could give with a 0 in it!
2006.04.14 SqueakyReaper
Rating: 1

I'd love to say 0, but lets do this right, shall we?
-1 Original sprites are horrible
+1 adiquite special effects
-2 horrible story(better no story for this one)
-2 no ending(no highscore table)
-2 less than plausable approach to real person(ya dissed god, and I'm mad even though I'm atheist!)
-2 lowest staff rating(bottom 5)
-2 horrible gameplay
It can't go below 1, so this game desirves a 1. He. Even through a powerful engine, you still had a horrible score.
2006.04.04 Jabberwock
Rating: 4

Oh, come on. It wasn't *that* bad. And it made me laugh, at least. I'll give it a four because it doesn't really deserve all those ones.
2006.03.16 Pie_4
Rating: --

I bet Mosseyfates in the creator of this game, or atleast a friend, because IT IS NOT AMAZING!
So nyah!
2006.02.21 Mooseyfates
Rating: --

I think the graphics could have been improved. It is still amazing. Do not listen to the others. You should sell it because it is so good.
2006.02.21 Mooseyfates
Rating: 10

I forgot to give it the rating it deserves.
2006.02.12 nota1ot
Rating: 1

O, holy GameMakerGames founder, please add a 'zero' option in the rating selection so games like THIS get what they deserve.
2006.01.27 Killheart
Rating: 1

My God... kill chickens. That's IT?! This gives games everywhere a bad name! This deserves a 0.1, but it only shows a 1. Bad graphics, too.
2005.12.29 flamozoid gaming
Rating: 1

Too easy. Just keep left clicking. Lame and all u do is just keep killing the chickens that randomly appear.
2005.12.10 jmanjman47
Rating: 1

I'm not the best person at making games either, but god this game makes me look like a expert
2005.12.09 sc(+)pe
Rating: --

that insted (add this the one above!)
2005.11.27 bob799
Rating: 2

terrible game. but he never said which god your controlling. so i give it 2/10.
2005.11.27 Pie_4
Rating: 2

personaly, as a catholic, i dont think that God would kill non believing chickens with bombs. Also, a chicken cant be a non believer or a beliver because it is an animal. This game has good music though.
2005.11.26 flamozoid gaming
Rating: 1

Too repetitive and you kill chickens.
2005.11.26 REZ
Rating: 1

the idea of god killing chickens for no reason is dumb.

the game is not bad, its just not fun.
2005.11.26 cowofdoom78963
Rating: 1

This crapy game is racist against chickens...
and its stupid and poorly made.
SO >:(
2005.11.26 Gamercat
Rating: 1

Woah, quite the crappy game you've got there. D: You win the worst game contest. :D
2005.11.26 GamerHippo7
Rating: 2

Wow.. This game got a score of 2.3! :D I felt that It deserved a 1.9.
Now Im confident that Harpo's Amazing Adventrue will at least get a 7!
2005.07.07 nota1ot
Rating: --

isn't that funny. god is killing chickens. you made the wrong CHOISE in making this game, you ...
2005.03.17 necopodalex
Rating: 1

hm, so it's like the ol' motto: 'never trust a game that can't spell it's own name right'
2005.02.21 TROPHYTAKER
Rating: 1

2nd most sh*thouse game on GMG. Well done!

Rating: 1/10 (Your lucky I even rated this!)
2005.01.05 Dr_baconman
Rating: 1

Eeep! G-G-God would never do that! Wh-wh-why were you considering this? Those poor chickens...
Aaaahhh!!! At least change the name of the guy that's killing the chickens! Name him something that doesn't have a religious outlook! Like...
Gaulontos or something! PLEASE!
2004.10.20 dabski
Rating: --

This is the type of game that gives Game Maker a bad name.
2004.08.28 deeje the great
Rating: --

hey i want to be a piece of this action!! hm, well i thought the game was good enough. come on, we all know that if we could be gods for a day we'd kill chickins too!!

the blood was great. thats about all.
2004.08.27 powerpro
Rating: --

Join the P.A.K.C.!!

2004.08.23 gametroy
Rating: --

i haven't even played the game yet but i can say the game sounds like one ive played before where random dragons pop up and you click on them with a sword and it cuts off their head and you get points for doing it... and it had lame sound effects and the people that made the game wanted others to BUY it... that was what i didn't understand. i had more fun watching it rain outside... and thats boring as hell....
2004.08.13 muzzle
Rating: --

If I had my way this would be a 0, this sucks more than santa...the title isnt even spelt correctly :/!
2004.07.25 magnus
Rating: --

2004.07.24 Sparlatacus
Rating: --

wow, its amazing how many comments this game has gotten! There are plenty of worse games made with game maker so I think maybe you slated it a little bit! It was acutally me who submitted this game, it is by a friend of mine! I persoanlly think the game is ok!
2004.07.04 Pacula
Rating: --

this game is mean! My beliefs are that God(s?) do not kill anything!
2004.07.04 ZexusZP
Rating: --

If I were supreme court justice, I would put a restraining order against this game. Let me see what my 5 judges above me say...WOAH...5 - 0!!! The majority of the judges above me agree that this game is bad!! REEEAAAAL BAD!!!!This case is now closed. Meeting dismissed!! ( ZP Score: 0.5 out of 10 )
2004.06.26 switch620
Rating: --

he was thinking of black and white (its a game)but this is even worse.
2004.06.16 happy
Rating: --

What in the world were you thinking when you made this game.
2004.04.16 angrykoopa
Rating: --

Yeah, but Sparlatacus's games were a lot better than this.
2004.03.21 Mocha Man
Rating: --

The guy who made this... I've heard of him before, associated strongly with Sparlatacus. That might explain the overall style of this.
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