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Game Maker Games - Circular Pong
Circular Pong by Scronix Productions
At the screenshot it may looks boring, but it actually very funny..... Circular Pong is a pong game... Not a usually pong game..... Enjoy!!!

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.08.29 phoenix0
Rating: --

This game was so loud, I pretty much couldn't play it.
2006.10.25 edenb
Rating: --

Circular Pong, by Scronix Productions

Twists on the classic game of 'pong' are a dime-a-dozen, and most of them aren’t worth playing. Circular pong turns the normal version of pong up on it's head, having the player play against themselves. The change isn't dramatic, the same core gameplay elements still very much exist, but it is effective and turns pong into a one-player game rather than the traditional two-player.

When pong was released, it had simple black and white monochrome graphics, this version of pong however uses graphics that can be described by one word. “Horrible”.
Literally everything is some shade of blue. Not the pleasant shades of blue that are tolerable, but the kind of blue that somehow manages to appear on all hospital walls across the globe.

The “bat” sprite that is used seems to have been ripped, and the sprite goes through various malfunctions (visual only) depending where it is on screen.
The last thing which is “horrible” about the graphics is the background, which may or may not be a photo of 70s wallpaper (as always, it was a shade of hospital blue).

Circular Pong's main, and perhaps only, redeeming quality is the unique (to my knowledge) gameplay, which entails controlling the “bat” with the mouse and, depending whether you move it upwards or downwards, the bat moves as it is on an invisible circular rail, to one side or the other, thus allowing the player to play against themselves.

At the start it is medium paced, and once you get the hang of controlling the bat it’s pretty much smooth sailing. The only challenge the game has is speeding up the pong ball the further you survive, which isn’t a bad challenge, but it is somewhat limited in terms of variety it offers.

Music is vaguely redeeming. It’s fine, echoing the retro bit-tunes of the 80's, but it doesn’t create or subtract from Circular Pong's already lacking atmosphere, and its soundtrack overall is certainly not memorable.

Circular Pong is a good idea, but is poorly executed and badly needs a coat of polish.
The raw gameplay certainly shines through as unique and fun, but the other elements bog it down. Download it if you want kind-of-different gameplay and don’t mind a lack of polish.
2006.07.03 Mantis
Rating: 8

Wow, a Pong game against yourself. Ingenius!
2006.03.15 _Player2_
Rating: 6

Nice little game =)
Smothe graphics and nice music.
Not to good game play though.
2006.02.03 F.S.
Rating: --

Good game. A good game idea, cool. A funny little game.
2006.01.29 Tedster800
Rating: 8

This is cool! Very addictive! I suck at it, though...

The way it gets faster is cool!
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