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This site has been largely non-functional for several years, having collapsed under the weight of custom code in the face of software updates. While waiting for GMG's triumphant return, you are welcome to join our Discord server.

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Additionally, you can find a few classic Game Maker games below.
The Ancients' Tome (2006)
by Pondwater

ancients_tome.zip (8.2 MB)
Destruere Pizzicato 1-2 (2003)
by RabidBolweevil

destruere_pizzicato.zip (0.8 MB)
pizzicato_dos.zip (6.0 MB)
Janitor Joe (2004)
by Andrew Brown

janitor_joe.zip (5.1 MB)
La La Land 1-5 (2006)
by TheAnemic/Biggt

la_la_land_collection.zip (27.0 MB)
Medieval Clash (2003)
by Karel Pool

medieval_clash.zip (1.0 MB)
Sexy Hiking (2003)
by Jazzuo

sexyhiking.zip (2.4 MB)