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Game Maker Games - Super Blazing Vortex
Super Blazing Vortex by Pug Fugly Games
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Review by Quimp
Pug Fugly's ability to create jaw-dropping old school games will never cease to impress me. His latest sheer beauty, Super Blazing Vortex, is no exception to the kind of game you would expect from him. The game's title alone speaks for itself: canít you already feel the endless arcade fun?

The game's mechanism is quite simple. You control a spaceship with the arrow keys around a vortex in outer space, and you shoot using Ctrl. The vortex, which starts as a small and seemingly safe whirlpool, quickly becomes big and dangerous as you progress. The danger lies in the aliens that appear in hordes from its center. Every time you destroy an enemy, the vortex uses the energy released by the alien to grow. Although your task is to get rid of the vortex by firing ambient asteroids towards its origin, the game play doesnít stop there: the bigger the whirlpool is, the more points you are awarded when itís finally devastated. While you may destroy the vortex at a young state, you will not gain as many points and your final score will suffer.

What makes this retro shooter any different from other space shooters is the twist given by the mystical powers of the vortex: when you get uptight, the screen flips ninety degrees. This original in-game feature adds a lot to the game play, as it forces you to develop your skills under different circumstances. Although the screen rotation is what makes this game unique, it also provides frustration from times to times as the turning motion sometimes throws you in a position that is hard to survive, because the room isn't square. In other words, you don't want to be on the boundaries of the room and surrounded by loads of bullets when it happens. Knowing this inconvenience, you can adjust your strategy when you see the warning message. The word "inconvenience" may not the best to describe the situation, since I know I prefer having to deal with the rotation's issue than having a square window. Needless to say, if there is one thing that could be improved in the game, this is it. The rest is astounding from all points of view, if you keep in mind that Super Blazing Vortex is a mini game.

Anyone familiar with Pug Fugly's works knows the quality range of his games. They all have a lot in common, namely outstanding graphics and effects, music and sounds that fit the atmosphere like you cannot imagine, and challenging yet simple concepts that you cannot grow tired of. Overall, Super Blazing Vortex is a concoction of all these essential ingredients. The result is pure arcade fun that you will want to taste now and then.

The Creator wrote:
An arcade game with a twist!

Destroy aliens to feed the vortex!
Big vortex = big score..BUT!
Big vortex = big trouble!!
Destroy vortex with asteroids.

Online high scores
Original Music
Great gameplay


Download Super Blazing Vortex (EXE, ~2.8 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.07.17 magicbmx
Rating: 10

Wow...one of the best games I've ever played from GMG! The graphics and gameplay are great, music is awesome, and very addicting.
2006.07.14 Pie_4
Rating: 10

all I can say is MADE MY DAY! The Awsomeness has landed!
2006.07.12 Nobody
Rating: 8

A very fun game to play, but it's more of the same... By now I'd expect some 'different' games by PugFugly.
2006.07.12 Alert Games
Rating: 8

Pretty good, but not as much control for the game. Graphics look nice, but the player really just goes back and forth shooting the same enemies and turning every now and then. Hard to explain.
2006.07.11 jchalase
Rating: 10

WOAH!!! This game is so cool!!! 10000000000000000000000000000000/10 (but it doesn't go any furthur.)
2006.07.11 Rokuji
Rating: 9

Hey, that was pretty darn spiffy! Awesome galaga esque style with an awesome new twist.
2006.07.11 jmanjman47
Rating: 7

Pug Fugly has been known to create great arcade games. I liked this game though. I thought maybe a little more variety good have been used, but the polish was excellent.
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