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Game Maker Games - Super Stickman Escape
Super Stickman Escape by YoMamasMama
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Review by Mocha Man
In Super Stickman Escape, your character has to run, jump, transform, and explore in order to collect all the items and escape from the complex where he's held prisoner.

The movement in this game isn't simple, and the author executed it rather nicely, with a minimum of glitches and bugs. However, the collisions with blocks are slightly messy, and other weird things happen now and then such as being able to walk into thin air or ride on the horizontal side of a moving platform. Excessive use of popup boxes interrupts the otherwise quite smooth gameplay. Like other games by this author, its chosen graphics mode caused it to run at undesirable fps for me, but that won't happen to everyone. Still, despite the blemishes here and there, the gameplay is notably complex and smooth


Graphics in this game are used very well, just where you'd expect them while letting you focus on what you like. Messages appear on the bottom after a music change, the player has an animated idle and separate images for different directions in the air, and there are slight animations on powerups and bonuses to catch your attention, among other things. While used wonderfully, the graphics themselves need work, in my opinion. One may complain that you can't make a stickman look like much else than a stick, but anyone who has seen the Xiao Xiao style knows that rounded edges and thick build make for a very realistic and easy to animate character. Other graphics seem needlessly bulky, with an abundance of black outlines and one-color fills, and a font that is pointlessly difficult to read. I wouldn't say the game looks bad, however.


This is one of the only times I've seen sound used as a bonus- the character can unlock music tracks in the form of powerups that he finds, which are of a suitable action rock style, and choose which to play using a keystroke (or just turn them all off). Sounds don't get annoying quickly, uncommon in a platformer, and suit the style well. The sound didn't immerse me in the game, as many games use sound to do, but it certainly didn't remove any fun from the experience


Replay Value
Not too many platform games classify as both action and adventure while still not having swarming baddies. Replay value is quite high in Super Stickman Escape, anyway, because the way the powerups and goals are presented, you're always wanting to go back to 'this one part' or 'that one save point' and try and get the secret you missed, or find a new area to explore, as long as you aren't put off by the graphics mode, like I happen to be. This is, like many games, a distraction to return to when you're bored/procrastinating.


Highs: Complex gameplay pulled off well, graphics used nicely to polish the game, nice use of sound in gameplay, high replay value
Lows: Graphics mode needs to be manually set to get the game to work perfectly, graphics style can get boring or awkward

Download Super Stickman Escape (EXE, ~1.5 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.02.22 user_ferai
Rating: 8

This game is a lot like super metroid, but I gathered it was suposed to be as there was actually a track from it included. Anyway, the game was very fun and its one of the few GM games I've actually finished. I also discovered a bomb bounce glitch where if you hold up, down, and Z at the same time you can create an infinite string of bombs. If you tap this combination you can pretty much go anywhere you want given enough time.

Oh, and try the original, its pretty good too. Using some nifty sequence breaking I finished with 31.25% I dare anyone to get a lower score than that.
2005.08.12 gameslayer001
Rating: 10

That was one of the best games i have played on game maker! THIS GAME RULES!!!!!!! O Please make another one!!


O yeah i got 95%
The game was challenging and fun!
2005.06.10 Nobody
Rating: 9

I really love this game. :) I only coulnd't get the final music thingy :S I got 97.5%
2004.02.29 Dex
Rating: --

Super Stickman Escape
Game by Yo Mama's Mama (Helix Games)
Review by Dex

Much better than the predecessor, much longer too, and many more power ups. This is one of a kind (well except for Stickman Escape). Still one level, but its much larger, though that can be a downfall as its very slow at times. With lots of new types of powers ups as well as old, this is a GM classic.
Some things that give it a downfall are its graphics still aren't the best and it can be very slow and hard at times. But, if you try to beat this on your own, you'll have a good challenge, as the invisible walls and fake walls give it a lot of difficulty.

Game Play:
Very fun, almost perfect except its a real hard sometimes to see whats next and its a bit slow.

Better than the first, the look much more decent now, but still aren't the best.

Still a very original idea, but its a bit too much like the predecessor.

Being as long as it is, and trying to reach the goal of 100%, this game has a lot of replayability.

Very good, much longer and a lot of new power ups.
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