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Game Maker Games - Blobert Snowboarding
Blobert Snowboarding by rabid squirrel
Definitely not like most sport games! Guide Bobby Bopperd the blobert down the slopes by dodging obstacles. Try to get as far as you can! This game is pretty basic - it's my first.

Download Blobert Snowboarding (EXE, ~4.6 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.12.18 rabid squirrel
Rating: --

Thanks for the comments! Actually, that's pretty close to what I would've rated it - somewhere around a 6 - but that's probably because it's mine that my rating would be a little higher. I'm still learning so it's great to have specific criticism. Thanks again!
2006.11.27 Ekniff
Rating: 5

Graphics - 7
I like the sketchy and cartoonish feel of the graphics, and considering that everything is in place (no abrupt quality jumps) i think it works out well. Avalanches should be improved though.

Audio - 3
Not much effects or ambience (probably you could do slow music when you have tons of health, but when you are about to die you can play fast-paced music)

Gameplay - 2
Very ordinary, and in later parts no much use of skill since avoiding is impossible. The game is far too easy as a skill too. The player cannot quicken in the game :(

Control - 9
Extremely intuitive control system, but you should add jumps and such.

Polish - 6
Decent polish, but several bugs remain. For one, the fire demon's sprite becomes the player sprite after the fire on you is over.

Overall - 5.4
Decent game, but nothing extraordinary or original.
2006.11.26 rabid squirrel
Rating: --

yay for blobert snowboarding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2006.11.26 rabid squirrel
Rating: --

This is my own game so I don't feel that I can rate it - I do want to let everyone know that I did not write the message above - that was my sister. I also wanted to let people know that this game is possible because I can beat all seven levels. Thanks to everyone who is reading this for at least taking a look at my game.
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