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Game Maker Games - Honey, Bee Careful!
 Honey, Bee Careful! by Benoît Quimper
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Review by Jabberwock
Honey, Bee Careful! is a quirky minigame that reminds me a lot of the games made by Coolmoose - it's got the same hand-drawn graphics style and the same simple, arcadey, addictive gameplay.

The gameplay is smooth and fairly intuitive, which is fortunate because there isn't any sort of in-game help. The premise is simple- you play as a honey bee who for some reason feels the urge to eat everything it sees. Some things are good for it ("yummies") and others are bad ("pains"). These things, good and bad alike, rush toward the bee in a crushing tide of chips, pinecones, gnomes and winged elephants, and the player must guide the bee with the arrowkeys, steering towards yummies and away from pains. Simple, right? Well, yeah, but it gets pretty difficult. Also, as an added incentive, there seem to be some things that only show up after you've played the game a certain number of times. On top of this, the game has also got a detailed highscore system, allowing you to arrange scores in alphabetical order, numerical order, number of yummies, and more. You can even pull it apart if you feel so inclined, because the game is an editable.

The graphics, like I mentioned before, have a sort of hand-drawn look and are very colorful, and they're quite pleasing to look at. They've got kind of a crazy random feeling to them (actually, the whole game is sort of like that), and it makes for a fun game.

My favorite part of the game, though, would have to be the sound. There are only a couple of sound effects and a single track of music, all recorded with an electric guitar. The music is tuneless and spacey, exactly the opposite of what you would expect in a game like this, but somehow it fits, and it adds to the game's charm.

This is a pretty simple game, but it's also pretty fun, and while you might get bored with it quickly, it's worth a download even if just to kill some time.

Download Honey, Bee Careful! (GM6, ~3,82 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.06.11 Mooseyfates
Rating: 5

It's alright. About anyone who knows how to use gamemaker could make it, and it isn't too fun.
2007.01.28 FlamingCow90
Rating: --

Can you make an EXE version??? I can't get the GM6 to work because my Gamemaker isn't registered... I really should register...
2007.01.17 Globalshock
Rating: 5

This game is pretty, good, but besides from trying to beat your old high score, the game is pretty much pointless. It just keeps on going forever.
2007.01.17 Jabberwock
Rating: --

Isn't that like... the definition of an arcade game?
2007.01.16 Erik Leppen
Rating: 7

Man, this game is stupid...in a positive way! I somehow liked it a lot, the style of the graphics and the humour in it attracts me (to mention the words 'yummy' vs 'pain' :lol: . The sound is also good, very simple sound effects. Downside: I can't see how many points the different 'yummies' are worth...
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