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Game Maker Games - The Puppeteer
 The Puppeteer by Time Wraith
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Review by Jabberwock
The Puppeteer is an engaging, though short, platform adventure with both puzzle and action elements, unique in that the majority of your tasks must be carried out by manipulating your opponents (hence the name). It does this better than you might expect, and the result is a solid game.

In The Puppeteer, you play as a nameless guy with psychic powers. You've been held captive by an unknown individual - refered to throughout, rather onimously, only as "the captor," who is responsible for endowing you with your extraordinary mental abilities - and, shockingly, your goal is to escape his clutches. Fortunately, you have the ability to control the minds of your captor's minions, an ability you'll need to use wisely in order to escape. The plot might sound rather cliche, but there's a rather interesting twist ending, which, being a twist ending, I won't tell you about. Apparently, the game is also supposed to be allegorical, though I'm frankly not sure I got the meaning.

Technically speaking, The Puppeteer is nearly flawless. The platform engine and enemy AI, while relatively simple, are spot-on. While there is not a lot of variety in the looks of the various rooms, there's a fair amount in the tasks you need to accomplish to progress. For the most part, the game focuses on puzzles of varying levels of difficulty, but there's some action thrown in here and there (specifically the three boss battles). The puzzles are well designed, not suffering from the same problem as some other independent games, where you're given either too many hints or too few. One puzzle in particular (the last one in the game) I thought was quite well done. The game is not really very long, but depending on how easily you solve the puzzles and how often you die, it might take awhile. There's also a hard mode, if normal isn't enough of a challenge, which offers a small bonus if you manage to beat it. And if that doesn't get you going, there also happens to be a multiplayer mode; these little additions lend the game some modest replay value, though the game still loses its luster rather quickly.

The graphics are nothing extraordinary, but they're pleasant to look at, consistent, and really don't have any shortcomings. The character animations are of good quality, and there's some nice use of alpha transparency as well. The sound is about the same - the effects are fitting, but not very memorable. I rather like the music, though there isn't a lot of it; it's upbeat, but with dark undertones, which fits the game's mood nicely.

This is a game that's strong in basically every area, but not outstanding in any, making it an enjoyable, if not particularly memorable experience.

Author's Description:
In this allegorical puzzle and action game, you assume the role of a mysterious being endowed with psychic abilities. Your sole objective is to escape from the prison in which you are being held captive. Use the W, A, S and D keys to navigate the various menus, and press Enter or Space to confirm your selections. All other controls are explained in the help section.

Download The Puppeteer (EXE, ~2.6 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.08.20 steelerzsuckcj
Rating: 8

*tear tear* poor little guy :(((((((((((((((
2007.08.01 crowbourne
Rating: 9

I loved this game, however it would have been nice if it were slightly longer. It would have been really awesome if from where the game finished off, you could go outside, and pick up trees and possess civilians. And then do missions for people... or something...
2007.08.01 /\seangames/\
Rating: --

a great game yet the backgrounds were too similar
2007.07.31 The Third Man
Rating: --

You can't. You can, however, still use him for your own purposes . . .
2007.07.27 Pie_4
Rating: 9

How do you posses the guy with the shield?
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