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Game Maker Games - Common Sense
Common Sense by Cysion
Global info and warning ----------------------- This game has not been made for the game, it has been made for the feeling the game evokes. I must warn you though: in order to reach that purpose some images are used that might not be intended for a younger audience. During normal game-play thereís nothing to worry about, but in the closing-scene it might get harder. Once this stage of the game is reached a warning appears on the screen, telling you thereís graphical violence to come. You make out for yourself whether you want to see it or not (in that case you can press Esc), if you canít make it out for yourself, then youíre probably too young to see it anyway. Sound ----- As said before: the game is about evoking a feeling, also music-wise the game tries to achieve it. So I must advice you to turn of any music around you and turn your volume high enough so the main-screen music is clearly audible. There are no screamers in the game, so donít worry about sudden volume-rises. Controls: --------- Like most shooter-games actually: WASD - Moving around (for QWERTY-keyboards) ZQSD - Moving around (for AZERTY-keyboards) Arrow-keys - Moving around (for other keyboards) E - Entering a vehicle or a stationary gun Left-click - Shoot Mouse - Aim P - Pause Extra info: ----------- This game has been created for the 3-word-competition @ GMG, how I incorporated the 3 words is explained in the readme-file (3rd page)

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