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Game Maker Games - Seraphim Flame
 Seraphim Flame by JackRussel
Astarot, the Grand Duke of Hell is waging war against the Seraphim, a certain order of angels, whom are led by Saint Michael.
But now Michael has been kidnapped.
Without their leader, the Seraphim race are weakened, except for one, Serafin.
Can Serafin break into Hell and save his race from total annihilation?

-A super in-depth story line.
-Demons, Ghouls and more! (well not really... just demons and ghouls)
-A perfect mix of puzzle, bloodshed and adventure.
-A large number of levels.
-2 tricky, challenging and clever bosses!
-Special effects!

Download Seraphim Flame (EXE, ~3.60 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.10.13 JackRussel
Rating: --

Wow, thanks guys. I mean it.
Albino guy, I'm impressed that you remember my three names, although Hoani would happen to be my non-pseudo name! Also the Hanrahan game has been redone because I personally never liked the original, but you can get it from my site; I will eventually put it here and at the gmclans anyway.
DeathMasterGames, I'm glad you liked it, the final fantasy thing was some cheesy joke that I hoped other FF fans would find funny.
2007.10.12 DeathMasterGames
Rating: 10

AWESOME game! Decent graphics, music was okay, you even stuck in the final fantasy victory dance. I beat the game, got the secret ending, loved every minute of it. The angels were cute, Michael was cool, and the final boss was awesome. Kinda reminded me of Gannon from the old Zelda games. Great job all around. No glitches that I could find. Never got stuck. Great artwork, by the way. 10/10 for a perfect game. :D
2007.10.06 albino guy11
Rating: --

Jack Russel, flying squire, hanoi. whoever the hell you are! you. are. my... new. personal. hero. You're sprites are inspirational. 11/10 for graphics. seraphim flame and hanrahan are visually perfect. ppl often say that badly-drawn sprites ad character, but ur sprites r the truth. the way in hanrahan where a trail follows you. the way serfins wings open and close. these small things r extremely important and i rate hanrahan and seraphim flame as my 2 favourite gamemaker games i have ever played. over seiklus. over cave story and over any other game people say is good. please make more games. i will continually download any game u make and play for hours. sorry if i sound like sum stalker or sumthing but ur games r that good. thankyou
2007.07.11 excalibur333
Rating: 8

I beat it. I thought the first boss was a little to hard but the rest of the game was perfect. I change my rating to 8.1 because the story is so good. I feel like the physics could use a little work but other than that it was awesome.
2007.07.10 excalibur333
Rating: 7

Cool game. I like the story. I couldn't get past the brother guy though.
2007.07.10 excalibur333
Rating: --

How do you get past him I can't figure it out.
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