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Game Maker Games - Depth
Depth by Ogmobot
Fly through water and air to collect tokens. Kind of relaxing. Starts slowly, but if you can get a score of 20, you're a master!

I made all the music, sprites, and sounds myself.

Warning: I have been told quite a few times that this game becomes extremely addictive!

[F1 for controls, of course]

Stop reading this and download it, already! It's only a megabyte! XP

Download Depth (EXE, ~1.1 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.11.20 Gåsen
Rating: 7

I got 19 points, 4.50 maximum air time.

The game was really good, although I sort of agree with "The Third Man".
2007.07.17 The Third Man
Rating: 7

Your game is a lot of fun--and almost frighteningly addictive--but as a whole it needs some touching up before it's truly great. With a bit of polish this could be one of those wonderful arcade gems, like Ardoo.

The gameplay is tremendously enjoyable, and also pretty original. The only problem I have is that, ironically, it lacks depth. The basic concept is flawless, but it needs more fleshing out. For example, why not allow the screen to move up with the ship, so you can see the height of your jump? That would add a feeling of exhiliration that the game currently lakcs. Features besides the shield could be added while still retaining the game's simplicity--a powerup that allows your ships to destroy rocks for a short time, a rocket that lets you boost higher in the air, or something that slows you down. Also, a couple different modes would be nice--one where you have to collect as many medals as you can, and one where you just try to get the biggest air.

I liked the simple style of the graphics, but they're toeing the line between simple and bland; a bit more detail wouldn't hurt. Also, the music was good, but it didn't seem to complement the game very well. For some reason it just felt a bit off.

One last note--it's really annoying that you die when you go off-screen. I think I would've enjoyed the game more if you looped around the other side, like in Asteroids.

Overall, though, you've made a highly enjoyable, if somewhat shallow, game that could really be something if you were to use its fullest potential. I'll be watching for you in the future.
2007.07.17 The Third Man
Rating: --

Some other thoughts:

1. Your own name is misspelled on the title screen. I would fix that.

2. The stones have less depth than the stats-boxes in the top right hand corner, so they go on top of them, which destroys the atmosphere of the game if you happen to notice.

3. Why not put extra tokens high in the air, that you can only reach by jumping high? That could almost be a separate mode in and of itself, and would be pretty fun.

4. Even though they're used pretty sparingly, the particle effects are cool.

4. My high score so far is 15. Pretty wimpy.
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