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Game Maker Games - The Sketchbook
The Sketchbook by FoZZy13
This is a game i made, somewhat as a graphics experiment, but mainly because i hadn't uploaded any games to this site yet. Please keep in mind that nearly all the graphics in the game were drawn by hand and scanned in. I hope you like it. CONTROLS: **F1 to view in-game** -Aim with mouse -Left mouse button to shoot -'A' to move left -'D' to move right -'W' to jump

Download The Sketchbook (EXE, ~2 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2009.09.02 sloppy
Rating: --

I really wanna download this but i cant!!! Check out my game, its called: The Maze Game. thiers also a second 1. remember to comment on it
2007.08.31 The Third Man
Rating: 6

Eh . . . Aside from the hand-drawn sprites (which are, admittedly, pretty cool), there isn't really anything special about this game. The gameplay is that of your standard platform shooter, the weapons aren't very creative or diverse, the level design is rather ho-hum, and the enemies aren't particularly original.

Even the graphics (the best part of the game) could have been more fleshed out than they are--the walls and floors, in particular, should have been done in the same hand-drawn style as the rest of the game.

Nevertheless, the game manages to be marginally enjoyable due to its adequate (if barely) adaptation of the tried-and-true platform shooter formula, and, to a much greater extent, the fun animations. Watching stuff blow up never gets old.
2007.08.28 FoZZy13
Rating: --

Thanks Quack_Kills, ill keep that in mind in the future. PLEASE, if anyone else has played my game, leave a comment, good or bad, I want to hear your feedback. THANKS
2007.08.20 Quack_Kills
Rating: 7

It was fun, but you need a saving/loading system, i got up to lvl 8 and died but i had to start ALL over again :(
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