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Game Maker Games - Master Blaster
Master Blaster by Phoenix0
Survive against the wave of enemies as long as you can and try to get a high score! This game has a single player mode, and two different multiplayer modes. Enjoy! And comment! Update note: The newest version of this game is version 1.7. It is recommended that you get the newest one.

Download Master Blaster (EXE, ~2.59 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.10.25 phoenix0
Rating: --

Thanks for reminding me about the control glitch! I updated the game, so now that glitch is fixed.
2007.10.24 shrinerfish
Rating: 7

I enjoy this game. It's simple, hectic arcade fun.
The music is peppy and fits perfectly with the gameplay, and the two-player modes are pretty fun.
A couple of gripes, though;
> Sometimes the movement controls seem to jam, and suddenly you can't move (right when you need to, too).
> Both players seem just way to open in the Battle Mode, how about some blocks to hide behind? Maybe limit how far forward the players can move, i.e. they have their sides, and can't go further?
> One other thing, and this is just a personal gripe, but try different graphics. I don't mind simple graphics, but I am a little tired of blocky, simple spaceships... and spaceships in general.
You don't bother with any story or setup, which is perfect for an arcade-style game, so you could concievably make the player and the enemies anything you'd like. Be creative!
(...But as I said, that's just a personal gripe.)

All in all, fun arcade gaming.
7/10, mostly for the control glitch...
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