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Game Maker Games - Super Mushroom Volleyball
Super Mushroom Volleyball by Brandin Titanich
Like volleyball? Love mushrooms? Then you're sure to enjoy this game. Try volleyball like you've never seen it before. Head-to-head competition with six fierce opponents in colourful maps with unique game design.

Game play is simple. Use the arrow keys to move left or right, and whatever you want to jump (Up, Space, Ctrl, Shift, any will work). Each player has a stamina gauge at the top of the screen. Moving will gradually decrease your player's stamina, while jumping reduces the bar by 1%. Letting in a point results in a loss of 25% of the (max) bar. When the bar is empty, the player falls unconscious and loses the game.

Listen to your favourite songs with the JukeBox. Play your favourite levels in Level Select Mode. And most of all, just have fun. :)

Download Super Mushroom Volleyball (EXE, ~1.56 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.10.24 shrinerfish
Rating: 8

Fun! The opponents do get more difficult, which is great. The music and backgrounds are pretty classic, and the Mushrooms themselves are well drawn.
Something that looks badly out of place, though, is that tiny line "net." C'mon, you could've done something a little better (not to mention more visible) than that.
Also, beyond the 2P mode (which would be fun), have you thought about if you could add more players to the field?
What I mean is a longer room, with two teams of two mushrooms. The mushrooms could only move forward and back so far, so you'd bounce the ball from one mushroom to the other and then over the net.
...Just a thought.
2007.10.13 DeathMasterGames
Rating: --

I was actually thinking of adding 2P mode. It wouldn't be that hard, and it would be fun, but I'm a little worried about the responsiveness of the keyboard. On some keyboards, if more than two or three buttons are being pressed at once, the actions may not go through, and it could make gameplay a little frustrating. At least, that's been my experience with 2P games with GameMaker. The Joystick compatibility helps, but then again, that requires you to have a compatible controller. Still, If I get a lot of demand for it, I'll add 2P mode.
2007.10.12 Quack_Kills
Rating: 8

This game has interesting gameplay, cute sprites, and most of all AIs that can actually do something.
Unfortuneately though, there are common glitches in the game, there is few character selection and game options.
As a result, this game will occupy you for sometime and actually motivates you to finish the levels. Final thought: I'm amazed with a gameplay setup like this, it doesn't have 2P mode.
2007.10.11 pyrotoz
Rating: 6

Haha, I like this game. Looking at the gameplay, it's pretty simple, with pretty basic AI and limited gameplay options. However, graphically it looks very good, I like the mushroom characters in particular. The music selector is pretty good as well.
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