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Game Maker Games - uNiTaNx
uNiTaNx by Mu6502
uNiTaNx v1.1 Back story:Uni tanx are RC plastic toy tanks with some metal parts that play on plastic tiles that mimic the surface of mars.The blue tiles you could call water have magnets in them which slows down the uni tanx(can be a safe haven from mines).Rotating turret shoots plastic discs,you also get 5 mines to strategically place on the battle field. Features: Isometric/duel screen/toy tank combat. Randomly generated martian battle fields. Chiptunes(Its the new punk rock)must unzip/extract to here em.

Download uNiTaNx (EXE, ~1.45 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.01.03 madmurf
Rating: --

Glad you like the graphics(because you are an artist and not a layman).
All the other things you have mentioned would improve it(I think I was being 2 much of purist).
I think Ill revamp everything and make it more linear,like atari's vindicators.
2007.12.28 shrinerfish
Rating: --

Pretty fun, although the controls can require some work to master; both of us kept forgetting our key to rotate the turret (especially right when we needed it).
More controls probably wouldn't help that, but I still think that you could try maybe an Auto-Turret switch (to automatically set the turret to what direction you're facing).
You could also try adding a Shield that can only be used a number of times (or needs to regenerate).
Obvious additions like pickups for increased speed, power or defense wouldn't hurt either.
...And speaking of obvious...
How about a lil' cpu action? Campaigns against several cpu tanks, or two players against two cpu tanks...
Anyway, the graphics are cool, and it's fun for a quick romp or two. Keep it up!
2007.12.27 madmurf
Rating: --

Minimum 30 characters.Its a 2 player game,so grab a friend or family member and duke it out:)
2007.12.26 flip82
Rating: --

it looks like a weird, fun game. Is it? cuz i didnt download. :(
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