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Game Maker Games - War is Men: American Civil War
War is Men: American Civil War by Francis Hoogland
This game is about the American civil war, you fight as the a general in the Union army, take your army, and fight for victory!

Genre: Strategy
Difficulty: Easy, Medium and Hard all supported.
Average Rating: 8(Including the ratings on GMC, game maker nl, here, and a few other forums)

The game contains:
-8 Unit's including Mortars and Sharp-Shooters
-Day/Night time selection
-Soldiers leave bullit-trails, buildings burn with low HP, and soldiers equip banjonets in hand-to-hand combat and more!
-Nice music
-Nice Menu
-Own logo
-Results interface and statistics view!
-Nice graphics and more!

Miner - 10 gold max. 10
This is the basic mining unit, you need it to gather gold.
Rifle Man - 25 gold
Mostly used in masses, the Rifle Man is armed with an flintstock rifle, and in huge sqauds/battelions it can do pretty much damage.
Sharp Shooter - 75 gold
This is a nice one, the Sharp Shooter can kill most unit's in 1 blow. It's also effective in combination with cannons and Rifle Man.
Cannoneer - 85 gold
This unit is usefull as it can fire small cannon balls over a quiet bit of range. The cannoneer is also usefull for battering down enemy walls.
Grenadier - 100 gold
The Grenadier honours it's name, with a big blunderbus rifle, capable of fire a single explossive shell who will explode in the air releasing a devastating array of bullits!
Cannon - 125 gold
The cannon is most usefull in combination with a rifle man sqaud. It fires a cannonball capable of destroying and destroying most of the Unit's.
Mortar - 125 gold
The most powerfull unit in the game, the mortar! The mortar fires a single explossive shell that will(if it hits something) destroy everything on impact. including walls, towers, machinery, and lose workers and soldiers. The Mortar is the biggest enemy of your Fortress, so be aware for them!

Special Artillery Strike - 100 gold
This special thing orders a massive artillery strike, 2 blows of 3 artillery shells aimed at the enemy fortress. Most usefull for battering down the main tower ^&^

Another nice game by EOT productions!

Download War is Men: American Civil War (EXE, ~6.84 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.02.18 Roossell
Rating: 8

This is a very good quality game, but there are some things that bug me about it...
-Poor Grammar
-The soldiers look like British soldiers and both sides look the same
-The music was somewhat strange
-You misspelled Lincoln!

Other than that, this is a very nice game. I enjoyed it very much. I didn't notice any bugs, and your use of the particle system was inspiring. I loved the artillery explosions! The graphics were very simple and nice.

8/10 -Good work!
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