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Game Maker Games - Slimeball Deluxe
Slimeball Deluxe by Blijbol
Use your slime to smash the ball to the other side of the playing field, but make sure the ball doesn't touch the ground on your own side. Get four points ahead of your opponent to win.

* Realistic computer AI opponents
* Four levels of difficulty for the AI
* Internet/LAN/offline multiplayer mode
* Support for two game controllers
* Realistic physics
* Graphical effects and sound/music effects

Download Slimeball Deluxe (EXE, ~1.08 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.11.21 Curtisisthebest
Rating: 10

Man that game is AWESOME, SO Fun excellent job, really really good, great graphics!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008.08.02 pyrotoz
Rating: 6

Not bad at all. The graphics are pretty good, I like the background and the effects used. The sound is also ok, it fits well. I like the menu screen and the number of possibilities available (single player, multiplayer, options etc). However, I couldn't really see the difference in AI, I tried the easiest and hardest difficulties and even though I got beaten by both, I think I actually did better against the harder one. However, the main problem with this game is that it's completely unoriginal, I've seen slime volleyball games copied so many times and none have ny innovation to them, this is one of them unfortunately.

Work on adding some originality to the game, everything else (except maybe the AI) is fine.
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