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Game Maker Games - Shensetta: Eighteenth Star 3D
Shensetta: Eighteenth Star 3D by Shensetta
Description: Start off with just a small ship and work your way up with upgrades. Earn money and destroy enemies and advance to the eighteenth star. There are only 18 levels.

There is no automatic saving so don't forget to save. Choose wisely.

Shoot: 'S'
Barrel Roll: Tap Direction Twice.
Brake: Down Arrow Key
Boost: Up Arrow Key
Move: Arrow Keys
Pause: 'P'
Charge: Hold 'S'
Default Fullscreen: F4
Default Screenshot: F9

Download Shensetta: Eighteenth Star 3D (EXE, ~2.04 MB )

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Opinions about Shensetta: Eighteenth Star 3D

Overall: indifferent

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Comments (Add your own):
2010.08.22 ShrooboidJr.
Rating: 7

I know my opinion probably comes off as negative, but trust me, it's not! ^.^;
This game is well made. The engine works well, the music is good (if not somewhat repetitive) and the 3D graphics are really well done. Now, the controls are a little sluggish, and the enemies are irritatingly stale. But it looks nice, the coding is good, and it's a good concept. If you were to make a sequel (and I recommend you do), I would suggest...

- More enemies with more complex AI (as opposed to "sit there and shoot straight forward" so prevalent in this version)
- More variety and atmosphere to the stages (so far, the only two types of stages I've encountered are land, which comprises of endlessly rolling hills of a single color, and space, which comprises of multicolored stars flying past)
- Some type of story (It doesn't matter how corny it is, I'd like SOME reason to fighting these guys)
- And more diverse gameplay (You mean the only things I can do are shoot, charge and barrel roll? No bombs, power-ups, or special moves? Aww...)

I don't mean to bash you- I really do admire your work, and I enjoyed playing. I'm just giving some constructive criticism here. :] Good job!
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