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Game Maker Games - alien explorer
alien explorer by Mike de Bruin
this game is the combination of platform and arcade. warning: contains semi-bad language and themes of war. once the game starts your name is asked, take a good one, this is your highscore name for the survival mode. story: you are the captain of spaceship "the explorer". When the earth is under attack, you get into your spaceship and move towards the aliens their planet. On your way, you have to fight many spaceships with several weapons and armory. after you've defeated all the spaceships, you land on the planet. where you immediatly see several lifeforms. your crew is taking ground examples while you are making the area secure. After a few levels, you meet a general, he's not very happy to see you and goes into attack mode. Once you defeated the general, you continue with trying to survive. 4 levels later, you meet the inventor of the planet. The whole planet was bombed by garbage from space, left by the humans on their spacetravelling. He gets so angry towards you, that he goes into attack mode. You haveno other option than to kill him as well... While you're wandering about how to solve the problem, you head back to your ship. If you get back there, you see your crew got killed by the aliens. You leave the planet. But still thinking of what happened on this planet, you return. You land close to a city. If you enter it, you see that all the houses are practically destroyed. You see several survivors, all asking the same question: "why?" You see a big building, you enter it. This move was not so smart. You come to see the leader of the planet. He sits in you get into a conversation with him, but after you said you killed the inventor of the planet, he gets mad: YOU KILLED HIS ONLY SON! He gets so mad he immediatly starts to attack. You have no other option than to fight him too. Hes strong, but you are able to defeat him in his giant machine. You want to make things right with him and his people by creating a big shield around the planet that destroyes all the garbage from space on collision. information: file size: 2.1MB created with: game maker 7.0 PRO resolution change: nope, but some levels are bigger than others. game style: platform and arcade features: -campaign mode -survival mode (unlocks after second level in the campaign mode) -muliple weapons campaign mode: you follow the story as told above, contains 23 levels. 4 levels are arcade and 19 are platform. survival mode: you are in the spaceship, with a alien spaceship coming towards you. it can't die but keeps on sending rockets, so you have to keep up your shield and antirocket-device. Your time is saved online. thanks to: VGmusic.com GMhighscores several sites that contain nice pictures of planets (for the storymode)

Download alien explorer (EXE, ~2.1 MB )

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