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Game Maker Games - AllianceBros
AllianceBros by Flash 18 Games
This is a simple platform game.
-There are 20 levels !
-There are 4 worlds !
-In each world there is one secret !
-My game is ispirated at mario games !
-The controls are simply:
player1: Arrow keys
player2: A(left)


Download AllianceBros (EXE, ~2.1 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.11.22 metal-games.co.nr
Rating: 6

This game is ok but not the best game ever i have seen better
2006.09.14 Dilbertguy
Rating: --

Unfortunately, the esc button exits the game instead of going back to the world map.
2006.03.08 Menghi18
Rating: --

thanks a lot for your comment !!!! ; )
2006.03.08 wrathwell productions
Rating: 9

This is a pretty fun game! Although it is in Spanish, it isn't hard to figure out what to do. The gameplay is similar to the lost vikings, where you have to control multiple characters and work together to get to the end, but you can move both at the same time. I bet it would be fun with 2 players. The graphics are mostly from Super Mario World, which makes it look good. I didn't experience any bugs so far, so thats good! All in all, its a pretty fun game!
2006.03.07 kirbycool
Rating: 10

WOW!!! This is the best game ever!!! (other than jumper 2) You MUST download it!!! There is NO scarcasim in my typing!
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