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Game Maker Games - Detoss Law
Detoss Law by Danielle Kanabus
Detoss Law is a bloody action game. Lots of enemies to blast through, easy controls, a pixelated look, 2 bosses, 10+ levels. It features MIDI music, and classic platformer traits such as a water system, doors you can open, stair cases, doors that move you from one section of the level to another, ect.

Download Detoss Law (EXE, ~4.71 MB )

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2006.07.07 Nobody
Rating: 9

I don't get those low ratings... I always loved Detoss Law, from the first time I played it!

Great game dude!
2006.06.19 virus616
Rating: 6

Don't you `think your being a little mean Krossfire?
This was an okay game. It had okay graphics and gameplay (the water wan't anything special but I'll give you credit for having it there). The only thing that really threw me off were the collisions. Every so often I found myself trapped in a wall or stuck under water, this was an obvious attempt to simulate the fact that Detoss flew back when he got hit by a zombie. The game would have been better with it left out.
Though I enjoyed the graphics they sometimes were a bit missleading. I was going through the game thinking Detoss wore a hat and a robe reminiscent of a Black Mage from Final Fantasy and some of the cutscene graphics confused me, spelling wasn't that great either.
Though level design was pretty interesting (I liked the progressive level idea, I'm currently using it myself in one of my games) The boss battle pissed me off. I felt like I was forced to keep getting hit by the cowboy zombie's shots while hopelessly scrounging for ammo.
If your gonna make some more games like this work on your collisions (especially when Detoss jumps in the water), spruce up a bit of your jumping, and change a couple of sprites. After that you'll have a pretty good looking game.
2005.03.08 krossfire
Rating: 5

So what I first noticed when executing this game, was the lack of story and the horrible English. (Please use word corector). The menu effects and graphics weren't spectacular but better than most.
But the game...ohhh...the game...

A women like creature shoots everything around, and every creature explodes just the same way.

The blood effects were a low-down, and so was the so called 'gore'.

The sounds weren't bad but there were just too many drop-outs to make this game playable !
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