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Game Maker Games - The First Incident
The First Incident by cactus
This is a cutscene from a game that I might consider making in the future. It's supposed to look like a documentary on an old VHS.

The premise is that the US suffers a few unexplainable catastrophes. Eventually the entire population gets eradicated, just gone without a trace. The whole country gets put into quarantine for an undetermined amount of time, during which a group of scientist shall try to find the cause of the incident.

Note: If the download doesn't work, get the file here

Download The First Incident (GM6, ~0,8 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2005.07.04 cactus
Rating: --

Thanks for the kind ratings. I didn't spend much time on this cutscene, maybe two or three hours. I didn't expect to win and was really happy with getting the highest score of all the losers.

The music is me playing guitar actually, I just slowed it down a lot and added the crackle. I didn't really have a thought out melody, so it's mostly just improvised and recorded hastily. It fit the scene so I didn't care to fine tune it any further.

Eventually I'll try to make a game to accompany this experiment, but don't expect to see it anytime soon.
2005.06.30 stwstl5926
Rating: 9

One of my favorites of all of the entries (I know the contest is over, but I'm just getting around to watching the cutscenes). The only thing I could comment on is the music. I mean, it was good, and fit the mood of the cutscene, but it just got annoying after a bit. I think there is a way to fix it, though. Add a low-end 'choir' (which can be one person singing different notes on each recording) in place of the notes that kind of sound like, to me, a midi sequencer mimicing a choir. Give it the same kind of effect as Halo's title screen, you know? And maybe a little bit of (LOW VOLUME!) wind blowing in the background... yes... if you did those justices to the music, I'd give this a 10, easy... for right now, you get a nine.
2005.05.24 Cysion
Rating: 8

Indeed, also my favourite... I don't know what to say, but it's just coded brilliant.
2005.05.22 CrazyClown2
Rating: 8

This is a very nice entry, one of my favorites. Good luck with your entry cactus!
2005.05.21 Nobody
Rating: 7

Nicely done, the feeling is there, only it has a really abrupt end...
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