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Game Maker Games - !Xorpl
!Xorpl by Time Wraith
The creator of The Puppeteer is proud to present his latest work, !Xorpl, an abstract exploration game that offers no concrete plot or purpose. The player wanders across a variety of exotic and stylized environments, hopefully appreciating the game's artistic motif. The arrow keys are used to control the character; no further information is required. !Xorpl contains six paths of exploration and three different endings. Enjoy.

Download !Xorpl (EXE, ~2.3 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.10.13 Quack_Kills
Rating: 5

Cute game. It is somewhat fun because of the core mechanics around it, reminding everyone of some of the first games ever made on NES and what not. Adding some baddies and plot and more levels would make this more worthwhile :D
2007.10.06 Rokuji
Rating: 4

I didnt really think it was artistic at all - the music got really annoying after a while, though it was stylish i suppose, the graphics were extremely boring and sometimes really bad (such as the buildings and the character) and it didnt have much of an atmosphere at all. It was barely surreal and not at all explorable, with very limited choices and overall really boring.
2007.10.03 The Third Man
Rating: 5

Ehh . . . It was okay. The platform elements were fairly well developed, I suppose, but there wasn't much variety or originality on display. The environments suffered from similar problems, though they were enough to keep me playing all the way through to the end.

I found the ending punishingly abrupt. If the end had packed some unexpected punch or twist, I think the game would have more value. As it stands, it was worth the five minutes it took me to play through, but only barely.
2007.10.02 Mooseyfates
Rating: 4

It was really boring and I didn't finish it. The enviorment was all bland and uninteresting. There's not story up to the point that I played. The music is bad. I think you should work harder on the scenery and graphics, make the jumping from those ledges work better, either get decent music or put in a mute key which I think every game should have anyway, and maybe put in a story so the player wants to play.
2007.09.30 FoZZy13
Rating: 6

um, wow, its truly its own game. this is the first abstract-style game that ive completed. I wasnt really sure what I was doing the whole time but it was all-in-all a good game although I prefer more direction in games.

graphics- 8
music- 5
overall- 6
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