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Game Maker Games - Chat
Game Maker Games Chat
If you want to talk with fellow GMG users, you can visit the official GMG chat, an IRC channel that some of our staff members and other users frequent.

If you have an irc client, the address is irc://irc.slashnet.org/gmg. If you've never used IRC before, you can visit the chat through your browser with the GMG Java client. It may have GMG smilies, but it has limited functionality. We recommend downloading a client (mIRC, x-chat, Chatzilla, etc.).

The channel is generally most active between 11 PM and 4 AM GMT. If you join and nobody is there, try coming back closer to these hours.

Happy idling!
Chat FAQ
This FAQ is just to guide you through the basics of getting to the chat and using mIRC, hope it helps.

  1. mIRC? What is this?
  2. How do I connect to the chat with mIRC?
  3. What are these @ and + symbols next to nicks in the chat?
  4. Can I have op or voice?
  5. How do I register my nickname?
  6. How do I chat with somebody privately?
  7. Can I format messages?
  8. So what's this stuff about aliases then?
  9. You said there were games...
  10. This FAQ is crap... gimme some real sites!
  11. Who is Admiral?

mIRC? What is this?

mIRC is an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client. Practically the best client out there as it has its own scripting language. We recommend that you download this client if you decide to access the GMG Chat regulalry. mIRC is available at www.mIRC.com.
Most of the solutions in this FAQ are related to mIRC. If you are using the Java chat or another IRC client, this information may not apply.

How do I connect to the chat with mIRC?

In the status window (the one that is open when the program starts), type:
/server irc.slashnet.org
to connect to the server. If it works, the program will delay and then you will see a lot of information about the server. Once it settles down, type:
/j #gmg
This means you are on the SlashNet server and you have joined the GameMakerGames channel. Channel is just another word for chat room. All channels begin with the # symbol.

What are these @ and + symbols next to nicknames in the chat?

When you join the GMG channel, your name will not have a symbol next to it. Symbols before names show how much power that user has.

The "@" symbol indicates a channel operator, or "op". Think of them as admins. They can ban people from the chat who get out of hand, and change the channel settings. For example: @Beanjo, @MochaMan

The "%" symbol indicates a half-op. These people are like moderators. For example: %Scuba

The "+" symbol indicates a voice. People with a voice can't do anything too special, but it is a status symbol. They are regular users.

Can I have op or voice status?

If you become a regular chat member, an op will probably give you a voice. However, this voice will not be permanent unless you register your nickname.

How do I register my nickname?

The advantage of registering your nick is that you then "own" it. If someone else tries to use your nickname when you're gone, they will be automatically renamed unless they know your password. The other advantage of registering your nick is that you can obtain permanent @ and + status in channels.

To register your nick, in the status window (for security) type:
/ns register password email
Where password is your desired password and email is a valid email address.

If the status window says that the nick was successfully registered, then your registered nick is ready to go right away! After that, every time you connect to the server, you need identify to show that you own the nickname, like logging in.

To identify, type:
/ns identify password
Replace password with the password you entered at registration. The server will tell you that you are recognized.

Note: You will need to identify each time you connect to the server. It is recommended that you place the identify command in the Perform event upon connecting to the server. To do this go Tools -> Options -> Connect -> Options -> Perform.
With the perform window open, make sure Enable perform on connect is checked and set the network to SlashNet. To do this click the Add button next to the dropdown. Then select SlashNet from the list and click Ok. Now type
/ns identify password
in the text area, again replacing password with the password that you registered with.
Now when you connect to the SlashNet server you should automatically identify requiring you to type nothing. You may want to test this.

How do I chat with somebody privately?

When you are in the chat any message that you say will be visible to all the people that are currently in the channel. You might just want to speak to a specific person. To do this, double click on the person's nickname and a private chat window will open.

Alternatively you can type:
/query nick message
Where nick is the person you want to talk to.

Can I format messages?

You are able to format messages within mIRC. It is possible to bold, underline and colour your messages.

Pressing Ctrl + B will make anything from that mark bold.
Pressing Ctrl + U will make anything from that mark underlined.
Pressing Ctrl + R will reverse the text colours - black background with white text.
Pressing Ctrl + K will show a colours box, type the desired number immediately after the colour character for the proceeding characters to be that colour.
The formatting characters can also be closed, just press Ctrl and the appropriate letter again.

Messages can also be formatted to appear in the third person. Simply type /me at the beginning of the message. For example, if I type /me opens a can of pop,
* MuZzLe opens a can of pop
will appear.

So what's this stuff about aliases then?

Aliases basically shorten things you have to type or do. Aliases can also be used to run scripts or even applications on your computer. You might not have realized it but so far we already have used aliases. For example
/ns identify password
uses an alias. The /ns part is an alias to shorten /msg NickServ. So without the alias you would actually have to type:
/msg NickServ identify password
Anyway, to get to the aliases click the green cloloured icon with /a on. As you will notice there will already be some aliases there.
This is how they work, you define a command from which you call them, for example /cheese. This will be my alias:
/cheese /say I like cheese
Now when I type /cheese in the chat window...
will appear. The /say means that the following message is to be said in the current channel.
Now for a slightly more interesting alias.
/stab /me stabs $1 with a rusty bread knife >:o
So when I type /stab Beanjo,
* MuZzLe stabs Beanjo with a rusty bread knife >:o
The $1 is a mIRC command that means the first word in the text you type. Evidently $2, $3, $4, $5 and so on represent the corresponding word place in the text.

There are many cool and interesting aliases that you can make or find on some mIRC websites. It is worth looking around.

You said there were games...

Yes, games for mIRC do exist. Again you can find them on mIRC related sites but there isn't exactly lots of mIRC games available and not that many of them are actually multiplayer.
However there is one game that is considered as the best by many mIRC users, this game is called Tanks. It is available at Andy's web page, the concept of the game is familiar, it plays like Scorched Earth.
We look forward to some challenges on the channel...bring on the 8 player brawl!!! :D

This FAQ is crap... gimme some real sites!

This FAQ is just meant to cover the basics, nothing more. It is merely set up to guide you through connecting and registering your nick. It saves us having answer the same questions repeatedly in the long run. :P

If you need more help with mIRC or want to look for some scripts here are some appropriate sites:
mIRC Workshop
mIRC Scripts

Who is Admiral?

Admiral is a bot that always idles in the GMG chat. By bot we mean that it is a computer program that can perform services for chat members.

Specifically, it interacts with several GMG Soldat servers and can set up players for a Soldat game right in the chat. To find out more about the Soldat features of Admiral, visit the GMG Soldat site.

Admiral also keeps daily channel stats updated at midnight daily. You can find these stats here.
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