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I need the full code to make a custom high scores table. I canít use the Game Maker generic high scores table because the game text has to be in Czechoslovakian.

I also have a background gif image to go with this table. Can anybody hook me up with the code? I'm using GM 5.3a.


>> NOTE: All of the suggestions so far have only invalidated the game. I need all the steps spelled out for me.


Has one. Look in the game website area.

Thanks for the link, but that guy's table was nothing like I need. I want to basically duplicate the standard highscores table in GM 5.3a, but make it from scratch. I don't want a full-screen custom arrangement.

GMG member "DZ Gaming" tried to help me with this a while back, but he never finished the code. It started like this:

Create of high-score object:


// Score...
global.score1 = 0;
global.score2 = 0;
global.score3 = 0;
global.score4 = 0;
global.score5 = 0;
global.score6 = 0;
global.score7 = 0;
global.score8 = 0;
global.score9 = 0;
global.score10 = 0;
// Name
global.name1 = "NONE";
global.name2 = "NONE";
global.name3 = "NONE";
global.name4 = "NONE";
global.name5 = "NONE";
global.name6 = "NONE";
global.name7 = "NONE";
global.name8 = "NONE";
global.name9 = "NONE";
global.name10 = "NONE";
// Stuff
global.str = "";
global.cur_score = 0;
draw = false;

I believe there are other steps. Again, I am using GM 5.3a. ANy help would be a lifesaver.

Can anyone please spell it out for me in complete code what I need to do to make a custom pop-up high scores table that is not a separate room? I know this is asking a lot but this game is almost done and being stuck on this is really troublesome. Here's what I need, and I need to know where to put it.

When my character has no more lives, in that event I need code to summon a custom highscores table with a sprite in the background. The sprite is a background object called "back_score".

I need to know the complete set of events needed to create, draw, and record the names and high scores on this table. I need to know how to space it on the screen, and how to set the width and height of the object. I need to also set the font type and color.

I also need this highscores menu to appear on the main menu (room) when you press F3.

Please, oh please, there has to be a way for someone to explain it simply for my simple brain.


PS: I'm using GM 5.3a

I just finished programming my own custom highscore list (for Gm6, but I'm sure I can also make it compatible with Gm5.3a) but it doesn't popup in a new window. If you absolutely need it to be in a different window, you'll need to eithe use a DLL or another application that would run using command line parameters or text file/registery reading.

I personally perfer much more to have it incorporated in the room rather than having a new window. If you think you think you can live without the pop-up window, drop me a PM or check Simon Donkers' example (that I have yet to check).


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