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Game Maker Games - Spotlight

Each month (well, almost), the GMG staff chooses a game in the archive that we think is worth your attention. We feature the chosen game on the front page for the month. This is a complete list of the spotlight games.

In cases where a staff member's game has been chosen, that staff member was not involved in the selection.


January 2011
Pro Killer Man by Nobody

October 2010
Monster Pop by Tadashi Blossom

August 2010
Desperation by The Enigmatic Jabberwock

April 2010
Illegal Communication by cactus

February 2010
The Moonkeeper by pgil

November 2009
Super Human Cannonball by forev

October 2009
Spelunky by Derek Yu

August 2009
Abandoned by JaJ

July 2009
Return to Sector 9 by Pug Fugly Games

May 2009
Glum Buster by CosMind

March 2009
Jumper Three by CosMind

January 2009
Skullpogo by The Proper Undead

December 2008
Light in the Darkness by Arkano

November 2008
Sokoblast by Hellbound

October 2008
Virtual Silence by Virtanen

September 2008
Radian by Jabberwock

August 2008
Crush by CoolMoose Productions

June 2008
Deo Dorant by Majs

May 2008
Destroyermech by Oddwarg

April 2008
Janitor Joe by Andrew Brown

March 2008
Johnny's Nightmare by clysm (tapeworm)

February 2008
RunMan's Monster Fracas by CoolMoose Productions

January 2008
Flywrench by messhof

December 2007
The Crypts of Despair by JTR (Alias Jack Swift)

November 2007
Immortal Defense by rinkuhero

October 2007
An Untitled Story by YoMamasMama

September 2007
A Game for Three Year Olds by Jay W

August 2007
Punishment by Messhof

July 2007
Kairuga by Kairos

June 2007
The Jeluvian Project by Pondwater

February 2007
The Design by cactus

January 2007
Terav by Mocha Man (Ben Roth)

December 2006
The Pyramid by Pug Fugly Games

November 2006
Albero and the Great Blue Emblem by Dex (Chris Royer)

October 2006
Booloid by messhof

September 2006
The Ancients' Tome by Pondwater

August 2006
The Cleaner by darthlupi

July 2006
Raptor by Gareth Tilt

June 2006
Invader by dessgeega

May 2006
Soldexus by Pneophen

April 2006
Gentleman by interceptor

March 2006
Hell's Gate by SpanishGM's

February 2006
The Curse of Kaumaha by Game Fortress

January 2006
Mini Golf Pro by Shawn64

December 2005
Yum Yum by Derby

October 2005
Pozzo - Jello Crusade by Lazrael

September 2005
Maziac by DarkFalzX

August 2005
lockOn by Jph Wacheski (Iteration Games)

July 2005
Mr. Pratt's Haunted Mansion 2 by Gareth Tilt

June 2005
Hero by Ultimortal

May 2005
Revenge of the Robot Cats from Mars by Pug Fugly Games

April 2005
Unshadowed by P. J. Richmond

March 2005
Water Panic by BorisE

February 2005
Valence by Jph Wacheski (Iteration Games)

January 2005
Bounty Hunter SX by Shawn64

December 2004
Cave of Monsters by guzu

November 2004
Ambush in Sector 9 by Pug Fugly Games

October 2004
Squarez by Eric Burgess (EricDB)

September 2004
Typogun by pondwater

August 2004
Mage Craft by darthlupi

July 2004
Medieval Clash by Karel Pool

June 2004
FlapFlapFlap by Lackey

May 2004
Toubou by Patrick Gaston

April 2004
Ball Fall by Brian Elting

March 2004
RK-1: Revenge of the Rats by Ablach Blackrat

February 2004
Seeds by Jph Wacheski (Iteration Games)
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