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About GameMakerGames.com
In late July 2003, Mark Overmars, creator of Game Maker, announced that he planned to stop posting Game Maker games on the official Web site. Some disappointed Game Maker fans, led by Darthlupi, decided to create an independent game archive so that good games wouldn't be forgotten. Thus, GameMakerGames.com was born.

This site has gone through many changes since that time, including the addition of forums and other features. We remain dedicated to preserving and promoting good games created with Professor Overmars's excellent software.

Our archive contains 3,718 games, and our community is made up of 12,526 members.

GameMakerGames.com FAQ
Q: I am the creator of a certain game in the archive, but I can't modify it. Why is this?
A: During the early stages of this site, many GM games were added by the administration to make the collection more complete. Because it was an administrator who added the game, and not you, the site doesn't let you modify it. We will gladly transfer access of your game to you if you let us know here.
Q: Is there a way to automatically display a list of recent GMG reviews on my site?
A: Yes. To add links to our recent reviews to your site, we have RSS and HTML feeds.
Q: When I click the "Register" link on the site, it takes me to the forum registration page instead. Is this supposed to happen?
A: Yes. By registering on the forums you are also registering on the site.
Q: Why was my game deleted from the archive?
A: Read this.
Q: Can I become a staff reviewer?
A: It's possible. You can find more information here.

About Staff Ratings
Each game in the archive is given a staff rating independent of its review. The review is the opinion of one reviewer, but the staff rating is an average of scores given by the entire staff. 10 is the highest rating possible, and 1 is the lowest. A zero means that the game has not yet been rated.

This is the key that we use to assign ratings:
Truly in a league of its own. If I had to erase all Game Maker games but one and never download another one, I'd seriously consider this one. Easily one of the top five Game Maker games ever made.
Very highly recommended. This game will never leave my hard drive, and I can see myself playing it periodically for the rest of my life.
Highly recommended. I've spent a significant amount of time playing this game, and it's one you really don't want to miss.
Recommended. This is a good game that will keep you occupied for a while. You may only play it a few times, but you will enjoy it.
A pretty good game. Some problems, but still worth trying. Maybe not one you'll keep on your hard drive forever.
A fair game. It has its problems, but a few merits, too. Could use polish. Try it if you have nothing else to do.
Many problems with this game, but it could be good with a lot more work.
Pretty seriously flawed, but still okay.
Practically unplayable. A good example of what not to do with a game.
Avoid this game at all costs. I'd rather have a root canal with no anesthetic than play this for one more minute.

About Star Games
Some games in the archive may not have a review or a very high rating, but a staff member may think that this game is something special. If you see a game with a beside the name, this game is held in high esteem, so you may want to check it out.

About Content Warnings
These are the guidelines we use for our content warnings. If you think a game has been assigned the wrong warning level, please let us know in the forums.
No content review yet
These games may qualify for any of the three content warning levels. We haven't yet assigned one. Download them at your own risk.
Suitable for everyone
These games are generally harmless. If they contain violence, it is either quite abstract or a mild part of a theme (such as spaceships crashing, deaths in tasteful war strategy, or animals preying on one another in a life simulation). No bad language at all and no suggestive content.
Content caution
These games may contain relatively mild bad language--nothing worse than could be said on US network television in the 1980s. There may be violence and blood, but not gratuitous violence or wanton killing of innocents. There may be mildly suggestive themes.
Content warning
These are the games that go beyond the other two categories but don't exceed the site's standards altogether. They may contain strong to extreme violence, strong language, suggestive themes, or otherwise offensive content.
We do not accept games that go beyond the red warning level. We don't allow blatant sexual content or pornography, and we reserve the right to remove a game that violates the site's standards (which may change at any time) without warning.

We don't bother trying to assign age groups to the warning levels because those never really mean much, and because Game Maker games that require these warnings are often created by someone younger than the age group that they are presumably intended for. We also don't use silly terms like mature to represent games that are most likely to be enjoyed by an audience whose maturity level is inversely proportionate to the level of so-called "mature" content in said games.
All original material, including reviews, is the property of GameMakerGames.com. Games featured on this site are the property of their creators.

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