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Game Maker Games - Sexy Hiking
 Sexy Hiking by Jazzuo
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Review by edenb
Iím generally not a fan of games that have poor production values. Those games that have their buttons on the selection screen scrawled on using Microsoft Paint. The games that have a hodgepodge of graphical styles and music. The games that donít give a toss about spelling of instructions. Sexy Hiking is one of those games. But unlike the vast majority of those rough efforts, Sexy Hiking is one of the most enjoyable and surprising games Iíve played in a long time.

I start off on a little platform with a tree. I can move forwards and backwards (no innovation there), but I can also use my pickaxe to hook onto the tree, and indeed anywhere else I want to. Movement of the pickaxe is 360, so the little 2D avatar of me (with a 3D hand) can move in amusing ways- most of the initial fun of Sexy Hiking is in playing with your little character and attempting to hike with it.

ďAttemptingĒ is the important word here though. ĎHiking has blistering difficulty, although I didnít actually feel the usual emotions associated with trying to do something over and over and over. There was no frustration, or anything like that. I didnít really care that I wasnít progressing at a fast rate- it was just plain fun to play with my pickaxe. The pickaxe mechanic creates this euphoria and joy for me, probably since itís such a novelty. Itís a new experience, and for some developers (including me), a new experience is one of the main things they wish to create with their game.

The problem with Sexy Hiking being so difficult is that itís not going to encourage people to play on. Itís a deterrent to all but the most hardcore, challenge obsessed gamers. This is quite cruel, really (not to mention a waste of a great concept). As a player, Iím tantalized by the prospect of all the fun stuff I can do with the pickaxe; but then boom! I get frustrated and press the escape key.

Thatís the crux of this game: a great concept that unfortunately paints itself onto a canvas that is too hard for most people. This doesnít make Sexy Hiking any less fun, though. It just shortens the length that youíre probably going to play it for. Nevertheless, Sexy Hiking is one of the most original games I have played this year. Iíd even go as far to say itís one of the best indie games ever made, in terms of concept.

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Opinions about Sexy Hiking

Overall: recommended

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Comments (Add your own):
2010.08.09 yalmic
Rating: 6

Weird weird weird.
Mixed graphics styles stolen music.
How did this game keep me interested for a whole hour?
2010.04.28 funwithagun97
Rating: 1

your game ruined my computer thanks alot you just ruined an 12 year old life i hope you die in a hole
2009.08.08 Trogador
Rating: 10

This game is awesome. If somebody has a copy, PLEASE replace it!
2009.08.02 arekku9822
Rating: 6

Okay, that game was challenging, but at least I passed the first level, but on the second level, I couldn't get past the first part, and by the time I did, I fell down and had to climb my way back up again. Though, I do think it was funny with that weird demon head, that when you touched him screamed, 'WELL DONE!!!!! HEHEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAHH!!!!'

Very nice graphics, music got a little repetitive, nice concept and originality but the level of challenge was just too much for me, so I give you a six.
2007.12.23 Tyler387
Rating: 10

My friend and I just beat this game today. Hardest game EVER. oh and i love that demon-head thingy at the end of each level, lol
2007.09.14 Tyler387
Rating: --

This game is so crappy... yet I loved it. haha Great job it's stupid but that's what makes it so much fun.
2007.09.01 Jam Games
Rating: 1

Wow. This game is too hard. I suck at this. HOW DID THIS GET A STAR? Just kidding. Not very fun though after 5 minutes I got sick of it
2007.08.24 carocrazy132
Rating: --

Incredibly Original, never seen anything this imaginative, and to Dr_Baconman, this IS a masterpeice!
2007.08.16 Mooseyfates
Rating: --

Idk why everyone thinks it is so hard. If you play it for more than 2 minutes you can get the hang of the hiking system. First time playing it, I beat it in less than 20 minutes.
2007.08.13 NintendoTeen
Rating: 8

Very original just really hard.

How do you get the wall?(first level)
2007.08.11 ForceDevice
Rating: 5

One of the best concepts I've ever seen in a GM Game, but the level design sucks and the game is so hard it isn't fun. 10 for the concept, 0 for the game.
2007.08.10 Mooseyfates
Rating: 7

I just beat it. It is pretty fun. With that engine you could've made a lot better level designs and more levels wouldn't hurt.
2007.08.10 Trogador
Rating: 5

I will say two things about this game:

1: frustrating yet unique control screme
2: my vote for funniest game title
2007.08.09 ZPXNeonGM
Rating: 6

Is there more than four levels to this game? I'm about halfway through the waterfall level ( fourth level ), but I can not go any higher.

Hey, major props for being original with both your art and your game concept. I spent some good time with this game up until I couldn't get any higher in the forth stage. This game is hellua frustratingly hard, so I had a time getting past whatever I could.
2007.08.08 Pasztor Istvan
Rating: 5

Your game is very original, but the graphics are poor. For exemple: I really liked the player, but his hand doesn't fits the player. And first when I clicked on Credits button some error come up! And for me the game was very difficult.
That's why I give only 5.
2007.08.08 Re_jex
Rating: --

WTPF?! Although this is a awesome concept, but a bad game, it gets a 8.0 rating, but 'The Jeluvian Project' only got 7.8?!
2006.07.30 Rokuji
Rating: 6

It was really clever, but i couldnt make it over the second branch on that one tree. lotsa fun though
2006.01.31 messhof
Rating: --

I finally got the hang of this! I will say that I did use a lot of the save/load feature that might not have been intended, as well as some glitching that I thought up. I'm on the third or fourth level, and going strong. This would be a lot of fun to expand on!
2005.11.23 ImSneaky
Rating: --

To Dr. Baconman, I had a very strange dream that included a very loud and creepy noise, so is it any louder than an airplane if you were the engine?
2005.09.03 Tinker Magoo
Rating: --

2005.07.01 Re_jex
Rating: --

I tried this game for about 10 or 15 minutes. I couldn't get past that first tree. Its a great Idea but starts out way to hard. that second branch was to strange shaped. I just kept falling through the ground. horrible it was. Some more information would be nice.
2005.06.23 Dr_baconman
Rating: 9

By the way, I forgot to mention....
You know that weirdo head that acts like it's having a seizure and teleports you to the next level? It scares me. I just touch it, and out of the blue... 'WELLDONE! hEEHAHAHAHFDSDGOPAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!'
Not good for the ears with high volume and such. But funny, in a weirdo-creepy way.
2004.08.14 Dr_Baconman
Rating: --

To Mr. Happy, you are one of those people who download games and expect a masterpeice. Not everyone here works for Nintendo, you know. This could just be training for something bigger.
I think the game is quit difficult to master, but I made it past the first level at least! By the way, you used a piece of music that was meant for underwater. Haha.
2004.06.16 happy
Rating: --

I Wish I never downloaded this game.You have a good talent for graphics and imagination, dont waste it on making games that have no story or nothing. make better games!!!!
2004.03.15 jazzuo
Rating: --

word from creator

i must say first of all that i think of this game as mine most odd and original game. The meaning of game is to simulate hiking on computer. And the simulation is just wonderful. I think the mouse usage is one of kind. Im proud of this game.
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